Dec 13, 2013

Group 'Nepara' couple again

While fans of the popular Russian duet "Nepara" departed from the shock that their favorite artists decided to start a solo career, the musicians decided to reunite.

Talyshinskaya Victoria and Alexander Show, seems to have decided that the former popularity solo career they reach, and Pomaia year, decided to sing together again.

reason for parting star called "irreconcilable differences", which apparently happened a year later decide.
artists themselves yet again used to each other.

Dans une interview avec Victoria Alexander et dit: "Maintenant, tout est rempli avec des expériences, des événements, une fois de plus tombé sur nous. Alors que l'habitude »

les informer et que beaucoup ont mal répondu à leur réunion. Néanmoins, le duo "Nepara" là-bas. En outre, Showa Talyshinskaya et ont déjà écrit quelques chansons pour le nouvel album.

Andrei Konchalovsky first commented Marseilles tragedy

Two months ago, Andrei Konchalovsky had an accident. Most suffered his daughter Maria. The girl was not fastened, so during an accident she received severe head injury. Her parents gave up everything and are inseparable these days at the bedside of Maroussi.

Family Konchalovskys in the first days after the tragedy, asked not to disturb them and leave alone. Two months of the director and his wife, Julia Vysotsky not commented Maroussi health status, but the other day on the personal page on Facebook Konchalovsky appeared quote from the book "exalts deception." Director wrote: "The human optimism is often associated with the belief that all is well and will continue to only get better. It seems to me, optimism must be linked to the fact that well never will be, but we must live in it and with it. To carry his cross. This - optimism. Always need to find the strength to live, realizing how much the world and we are in it are far from perfect ... "

God forbid force this family!

Cameron Diaz without makeup demonstrated new book

Hollywood actress Cameron Diaz has demonstrated how fresh it looks without the usual make-up.

His, as she called "a moment of pride," she wanted to share with their fans. On his page on the social network actress posted a picture of herself loved, embracing new book.

«Received the first copy of the Book of the body" - Cameron shared pleasure.

The Body Book (Book of the body) is written 41-year-old actress, as she said, "For a woman and her body." This guide is for women, which not only teaches how to train your body, but also contains a "formula, how to become a happier, healthier and more».

With the release of her creations Diaz greeted fans and colleagues in the star shop.

Girlfriend Cameron wrote that he could not wait for that moment when I read the book. What celebrity said, "Thank you, friend! I would also like to your body .. read my book. "

Susan Sarandon all their 'Oscars' I expect to smoke marijuana

Susan Sarandon visited the eve of the show, Andy Cohen. Provoking question master, if she was ever drunk in senior Hollywood events, Susan replied that all the ceremonies the "Oscar", which was a nominee, visited, smoke weed.

Ever? While waiting for all their "Oscars" I was so nervous that she could not be sober.

Worth noting that the actress was nominated for the prestigious award five times, and in 1995 received one yet - for her role in "Dead Man Walking".

On another question master - pity about whether Susan played some role - the actress managed to laugh it off:

Never! .. Except those which were failures. You know anything about that?

Recall "track record" 67-year-old actress looks impressive. It about a hundred roles, including such films as "Dead Man Walking", the TV series "Friends", "The Lovely Bones" and others. This is despite the fact that actively act in films, she began only after forty years.

Transcendence: first shots of the new movie with Johnny Depp

The press has the first shots of the new movie with Johnny Depp - sci-fi thriller "Transcendence" . Also in this project employed Kate Mara, Morgan Freeman, Cillian Murphy, Paul Bettany and others.

Film will be the directorial debut of Wally Pfister - Hollywood operator, known for his work on Christopher Nolan's films - such as "Batman Begins" "The Dark Knight", "Prestige", "Home".

In "Transcendence" tells the story of a computer genius (played by Depp) who is working on the creation of the machine, as a thinking person, and even experiencing emotions. His controversial experiments bring scientists know, but he is already starting to speak and behave not like a person, like a machine.

Ksenia Sobtchak - the most quoted journalist in Russia

Ksenia Sobchak led the ranking most quoted Russian journalists in November this year, compiled by "Medialogia." This itself presenter, journalist and socialite wrote on her wall in Facebook.

1st place on the citation among journalists "- is something I'm really proud!

Sobtchak easily bypassed such" monsters "Journalism as Sergei and Nikolai Dorenko Svanizde. They got the" silver "and" bronze ", respectively.

located on the ninth line" opponentka "Xenia - Kandelaki, a columnist at the tenth" Echo of Moscow "Yulia Latynina; also present in the ranking Mikhail Leontiev and Margarita Simonyan. First the list includes Arkady Mamontov (18th place), Irada Zeynalov (20th place), Alexander Gordon (22th place).

Xenia helped defeat its active position in life: most quoted Ksenia Sobchak, when it came to the house-branded Louis Vuitton suitcase on Red Square and "tea party" with Evgenia Vasilyeva, under house arrest.

Ksenia Sobchak Interview with Yevgenia Vasilyeva

LeAnn Rimes cry?!

It looks like American singer LeAnn Rimes might patent a way to deal with their emotions during a performance.

On receipt American Country Awards forgotten singer performed hits dead decades ago Patsy Klayms "If You Got Leaving on Your Mind," "Walkin ' After Midnight, "" Crazy, "and" Sweet Dreams of You. "

most viewers remember how LeAnn sang one of the songs Cline" What Have I Done ". Ending with a touching speech, the singer burst into tears, but quickly pulled herself together and finished the performance.
Talking to reporters after the show Entertainment Tonight LeAnn admitted that in order to cope with tears, she thought about sex.

"It's been a delusion .. you can see how people begin to cry and feel like you starts to burn the eyes and appears in his throat .. a couple of seconds, and you cry along with the audience. In the end, this honor to perform her songs meant so much to me .. "- said Rhimes, as if apologizing.

Star admitted that one of her guitarist advised:" When you feel that is rolled tears - think about sex " , and since then it has resorted to such a method to slow down unwanted emotions.

should be noted that LeAnn is not in vain was chosen to perform the songs Patsy Cline, her voice is often compared with the voice of the deceased in 1963 stars. 30-year-old singer died in a plane crash at age 30.

Fergie son baptized

American singer Fergie and her husband Josh celebrated the baptism of his son.

The couple arrived at the church of St. Martin in Brentwood, California, yesterday, December 12. On this day, their son Axel turned 3 months.

How to tell the witnesses to the happy parents joined about 10 friends and relatives. The singer wore a white elegant suit, which is the best combined with a white outfit her son. Proud father Josh changed on this occasion jeans strict black suit, and even wore a tie.

Eyewitnesses told the publication UsMagazine: «Fergie was lovely and graceful. Mom singer stood beside her and looked at her daughter with pride. Then they left. Axel fell asleep on his father's arms. They went home to get some to celebrate a momentous day ».

Young couples are not going to stop there, and soon want to give Axel brother or sister. Josh said this edition of Access Hollywood in October 2013: "We need to act quickly. Aks a really good boy, and this means that the second child is likely to be real little monsters. "

Emmy Rossum parodied Gisele Bundchen

Gisele Bundchen recently published an Instagram shot, looking at that once you understand how sultry Brazilian manages to appear at social events, participate in photo shoots and devote time to her daughter Vivian - picture supermodel breastfeeding a child at the same time her manicured hair and make-up.

Photo Giselle commented:

What would I do without my team after a 15 hour flight and 3 hours of sleep?

Gisele Bundchen
Apparently, the American actress and singer Emmy Rossum decided to show all the users of social networks that not only Bundchen can handle several things at once: the day after she put the photo in his microblog, which is exactly the same frame with Giselle.

Emmy signed photo:

Hey, Gisele Bundchen, understand you, girlfriend! 
Emmy Rossum

It should be noted that the star was not trying to offend or insult model - after she delivered her words hashtag # kidding # fakebaby # soymilk # shameless (kidding, fake baby, soy milk, shameless).

Numerous stars have already subscribers to comment funny photo Rossum, which shattered all over the internet and has become a topic for discussion.

Angelina Jolie: selfie on the set of 'Unbroken'

And again, we have an opportunity to look at the set of the film Angelina Jolie "Unbroken".

Hotshots held in Australia, and then get into the press, and the next photo was made yesterday. The team working on the film, arrived in Australian town Verris Creek, famous for its old train station - her and the shooting took place.

This time actress and director abandoned his beloved black and appeared on set in gray top and bright hat with a wide brim that protects the face of the actress from the hot Australian sun.

seems that Angelina was in a great mood: she willingly talked with the film as well as with the locals for whom the arrival of the crew was a real event. Essential Jolie even more "self"-pictures with fans.

According to press reports, there were children nearby star Knox and Vivienne. While mom was busy working with them engaged in nanny.

Beyonce presented the new album

Beyonce has presented her new album, the release date has not been announced in advance, and for fans of the singer because this event was a pleasant surprise.

32-year-old star has recently been seen many times on the set, but each time their destination was kept secret. Now it turned out that the work went on visuals, which consists of a new album. The fact that the new songs Beyonce presented not in the audio and in video format.

Buy a fresh star can work exclusively on iTunes.

His decision to focus on visual imagery Beyonce explained so :

Rather, I see music, not hear her. I imagine some footage or pictures associated with certain emotions, memories of childhood, thoughts about life, dreams or fantasies. And it's all to do with music.

This time I did not want to release the album as much as I did before. I'm already sick of it. Now I wanted to speak to his fans directly.

Speaks to fans of his work with the help of Beyonce 17 clips, which you can see a preview on the network.

Kylie Minogue showed off slender legs in social networks

One of these days the 45-year-old pop star Kylie Minogue has arranged for their fans an unexpected but pleasant surprise. In his Instagram singer posted a picture of their feet.

In actual fact, she just wanted to demonstrate new dress shoes. But the show was a success - a microblog subscribers attention was focused on the singer's shapely legs. In the photo, laid out earlier, again featured singer feet - this time on the dance floor. Upload photo in full growth Kylie, for some unknown reason did not.

Nevertheless, fans in komemntariyah literally roll in compliments: gorgeous ladies praising obuvku and men - the charm of the singer.

Incidentally, in the early '90s, at the height of its popularity, Kylie often fall into the list of the sexiest singers in Hollywood . In many ways, it owes this success and the ideal figure, which has managed to keep it unchanged.

In Paris, the daughter of legendary actress died Jane Birkin

Daughter of legendary actress and singer Jane Birkin, a British photographer Kate Barry died after falling from the window of his apartment in Paris, RIA Novosti reported with reference to the French media.

The incident occurred in the French capital on the eve of 46-year-old fell from Barry window of an apartment on the fourth floor in one of the most respectable districts of Paris. To date, information about whether it was suicide or fall accident, no. According to the source Agence France Presse, in a locked inside the apartment were found Barry antidepressants.

Keith Barry - daughter of actress and singer Jane Birkin and composer John Barry, famous, including the creation of music to one of the James Bond - was born in 1967. Shortly after his parents divorced little Kate and her mother moved from the UK to France.

During their career Barry has worked for such media as ELLE, Paris Match, Figaro Madame, Sunday Times Magazine, Telegraph Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Vogue and others.

Christine Asmus childbirth instead went to the dentist

For most people, the thought of the dentist appears cold sweats and nausea rolls horror. However, the actress Christine Asmus not one of them: the dentist - her favorite doctor. Today, the expectant mother went to inspect it to this doctor, as happily reported in microblogging.

If the details of everyday life Asmus willingly shares, then the timing of the birth she is not available. Wave of rumors that the actress had already gone to the hospital resumed after showman Garik Kharlamov, came to Eugene Papunaishvili birthday without his wife. But, apparently, Christina decided to just rest.

Despite a long, Kristina Asmus rehearsing the role of Ophelia in theater Yermolova. The premiere will take place on December 20, however, Christina does not know when she will play.