Dec 13, 2013

Andrei Konchalovsky first commented Marseilles tragedy

Two months ago, Andrei Konchalovsky had an accident. Most suffered his daughter Maria. The girl was not fastened, so during an accident she received severe head injury. Her parents gave up everything and are inseparable these days at the bedside of Maroussi.

Family Konchalovskys in the first days after the tragedy, asked not to disturb them and leave alone. Two months of the director and his wife, Julia Vysotsky not commented Maroussi health status, but the other day on the personal page on Facebook Konchalovsky appeared quote from the book "exalts deception." Director wrote: "The human optimism is often associated with the belief that all is well and will continue to only get better. It seems to me, optimism must be linked to the fact that well never will be, but we must live in it and with it. To carry his cross. This - optimism. Always need to find the strength to live, realizing how much the world and we are in it are far from perfect ... "

God forbid force this family!