Dec 13, 2013

Fergie son baptized

American singer Fergie and her husband Josh celebrated the baptism of his son.

The couple arrived at the church of St. Martin in Brentwood, California, yesterday, December 12. On this day, their son Axel turned 3 months.

How to tell the witnesses to the happy parents joined about 10 friends and relatives. The singer wore a white elegant suit, which is the best combined with a white outfit her son. Proud father Josh changed on this occasion jeans strict black suit, and even wore a tie.

Eyewitnesses told the publication UsMagazine: «Fergie was lovely and graceful. Mom singer stood beside her and looked at her daughter with pride. Then they left. Axel fell asleep on his father's arms. They went home to get some to celebrate a momentous day ».

Young couples are not going to stop there, and soon want to give Axel brother or sister. Josh said this edition of Access Hollywood in October 2013: "We need to act quickly. Aks a really good boy, and this means that the second child is likely to be real little monsters. "