Group 'Nepara' couple again

While fans of the popular Russian duet "Nepara" departed from the shock that their favorite artists decided to start a solo career, the musicians decided to reunite.

Talyshinskaya Victoria and Alexander Show, seems to have decided that the former popularity solo career they reach, and Pomaia year, decided to sing together again.

reason for parting star called "irreconcilable differences", which apparently happened a year later decide.
artists themselves yet again used to each other.

Dans une interview avec Victoria Alexander et dit: "Maintenant, tout est rempli avec des expériences, des événements, une fois de plus tombé sur nous. Alors que l'habitude »

les informer et que beaucoup ont mal répondu à leur réunion. Néanmoins, le duo "Nepara" là-bas. En outre, Showa Talyshinskaya et ont déjà écrit quelques chansons pour le nouvel album.

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