Dec 13, 2013

Christine Asmus childbirth instead went to the dentist

For most people, the thought of the dentist appears cold sweats and nausea rolls horror. However, the actress Christine Asmus not one of them: the dentist - her favorite doctor. Today, the expectant mother went to inspect it to this doctor, as happily reported in microblogging.

If the details of everyday life Asmus willingly shares, then the timing of the birth she is not available. Wave of rumors that the actress had already gone to the hospital resumed after showman Garik Kharlamov, came to Eugene Papunaishvili birthday without his wife. But, apparently, Christina decided to just rest.

Despite a long, Kristina Asmus rehearsing the role of Ophelia in theater Yermolova. The premiere will take place on December 20, however, Christina does not know when she will play.