Dec 13, 2013

Beyonce presented the new album

Beyonce has presented her new album, the release date has not been announced in advance, and for fans of the singer because this event was a pleasant surprise.

32-year-old star has recently been seen many times on the set, but each time their destination was kept secret. Now it turned out that the work went on visuals, which consists of a new album. The fact that the new songs Beyonce presented not in the audio and in video format.

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His decision to focus on visual imagery Beyonce explained so :

Rather, I see music, not hear her. I imagine some footage or pictures associated with certain emotions, memories of childhood, thoughts about life, dreams or fantasies. And it's all to do with music.

This time I did not want to release the album as much as I did before. I'm already sick of it. Now I wanted to speak to his fans directly.

Speaks to fans of his work with the help of Beyonce 17 clips, which you can see a preview on the network.