Dec 13, 2013

LeAnn Rimes cry?!

It looks like American singer LeAnn Rimes might patent a way to deal with their emotions during a performance.

On receipt American Country Awards forgotten singer performed hits dead decades ago Patsy Klayms "If You Got Leaving on Your Mind," "Walkin ' After Midnight, "" Crazy, "and" Sweet Dreams of You. "

most viewers remember how LeAnn sang one of the songs Cline" What Have I Done ". Ending with a touching speech, the singer burst into tears, but quickly pulled herself together and finished the performance.
Talking to reporters after the show Entertainment Tonight LeAnn admitted that in order to cope with tears, she thought about sex.

"It's been a delusion .. you can see how people begin to cry and feel like you starts to burn the eyes and appears in his throat .. a couple of seconds, and you cry along with the audience. In the end, this honor to perform her songs meant so much to me .. "- said Rhimes, as if apologizing.

Star admitted that one of her guitarist advised:" When you feel that is rolled tears - think about sex " , and since then it has resorted to such a method to slow down unwanted emotions.

should be noted that LeAnn is not in vain was chosen to perform the songs Patsy Cline, her voice is often compared with the voice of the deceased in 1963 stars. 30-year-old singer died in a plane crash at age 30.