Dec 13, 2013

Susan Sarandon all their 'Oscars' I expect to smoke marijuana

Susan Sarandon visited the eve of the show, Andy Cohen. Provoking question master, if she was ever drunk in senior Hollywood events, Susan replied that all the ceremonies the "Oscar", which was a nominee, visited, smoke weed.

Ever? While waiting for all their "Oscars" I was so nervous that she could not be sober.

Worth noting that the actress was nominated for the prestigious award five times, and in 1995 received one yet - for her role in "Dead Man Walking".

On another question master - pity about whether Susan played some role - the actress managed to laugh it off:

Never! .. Except those which were failures. You know anything about that?

Recall "track record" 67-year-old actress looks impressive. It about a hundred roles, including such films as "Dead Man Walking", the TV series "Friends", "The Lovely Bones" and others. This is despite the fact that actively act in films, she began only after forty years.