Dec 13, 2013

Kylie Minogue showed off slender legs in social networks

One of these days the 45-year-old pop star Kylie Minogue has arranged for their fans an unexpected but pleasant surprise. In his Instagram singer posted a picture of their feet.

In actual fact, she just wanted to demonstrate new dress shoes. But the show was a success - a microblog subscribers attention was focused on the singer's shapely legs. In the photo, laid out earlier, again featured singer feet - this time on the dance floor. Upload photo in full growth Kylie, for some unknown reason did not.

Nevertheless, fans in komemntariyah literally roll in compliments: gorgeous ladies praising obuvku and men - the charm of the singer.

Incidentally, in the early '90s, at the height of its popularity, Kylie often fall into the list of the sexiest singers in Hollywood . In many ways, it owes this success and the ideal figure, which has managed to keep it unchanged.