Dec 13, 2013

Cameron Diaz without makeup demonstrated new book

Hollywood actress Cameron Diaz has demonstrated how fresh it looks without the usual make-up.

His, as she called "a moment of pride," she wanted to share with their fans. On his page on the social network actress posted a picture of herself loved, embracing new book.

«Received the first copy of the Book of the body" - Cameron shared pleasure.

The Body Book (Book of the body) is written 41-year-old actress, as she said, "For a woman and her body." This guide is for women, which not only teaches how to train your body, but also contains a "formula, how to become a happier, healthier and more».

With the release of her creations Diaz greeted fans and colleagues in the star shop.

Girlfriend Cameron wrote that he could not wait for that moment when I read the book. What celebrity said, "Thank you, friend! I would also like to your body .. read my book. "