Nov 22, 2013

Daniel Radcliffe avoids social networks

Daniel Radcliffe has said that he appreciated their privacy and therefore do not appear in the net. "I do not have twitter and facebook - I think so much easier to live. Because if you write on Twitter, what are you doing, then all attempts to preserve privacy somehow reduced. If, after this start to demand respect your privacy, no one will take it seriously ".

That's why Danny tries not to go to parties and premieres of films did not participate - to shine as possible. Apparently, he does not have Instagrama - also take note. All this guy has learned since childhood, working Harry Potter. "When I was 18-19 years old, around me somehow exaggerated. I had to think about their actions more often than my friends, and it strongly inhibits at that age. But generally all nonsense. I am often asked: "Do you have the feeling that you missed your childhood? What do you have it taken away? "In such cases I always answer:" What are you, it's funny, that children who have been abused - is robbed of his childhood. "

Ksenia Sobtchak apologized to Tina Kandelaki

Ksenia Sobchak apologized to Tina Kandelaki

Ksenia Sobtchak partially apologized to Tina Kandelaki in his blog: she was "vile and disgusting from itself" for criticizing his personal life presenter.

Ksenia yesterday in his blog post information about that new beau Tina Kandelaki with that she flew on a "secret" holiday in Dubai - Ukrainian oligarch Sergei Kurchenko. But today Xenia apologized on Twitter and posted a link to a post in a personal blog with the following statement:

I truly believe that "a heap" and put herself on the same level. Therefore, I sincerely apologize.

In his post Ksenia brings "belated apology":

Recall Sobtchak Tina Kandelaki criticized for staying in Dubai in November, and television presenter, in turn, denied the trip and invited Xenia dispute to 500,000 dollars if she can prove that it meets the information truth Tina pay her the amount claimed.

Obviously, Xenia does not need money:

Indeed, sometimes the world is so poor, that they have nothing but money. So leave your 500,000, Tinatin, myself: it's all that you really have :)

Well, let's follow the "Cold War" Ksenia Sobtchak and Tina Kandelaki.

And on whose side you?

Lyanka Gryu revealed the secret of her beauty

Lyanka Gryu today marks 26 years, and on this occasion the magazine "7 Days" actress questioned about how she takes care of herself and maintains its beauty. Lyanka basic recipe is simple: "Beauty - a combination of inner peace, harmony, good mood, healthy, well-groomed body, kindness and inner youth ...".

Lyanka Gryu revealed the secret of her beauty

The actress not his ideal of feminine beauty - there are women who admire her his charisma: Sophia Loren, Vivien Leigh, Maya Plisetskaya, Sophie Marceau. Of course, one can not do charisma - you need to constantly keep fit. Lyanka now participates in the show "Ice Age", and daily hours of training have an effect. "I am very tightened for these couple of months, lose a few pounds. And in connection with such amount of effort and I start to eat more properly balanced, taking vitamins, and more attention to amaze regime sleep. It's all beneficial and the appearance, and mood. "

Lyanka adheres to a strict system to care for themselves. "I try to thoroughly cleanse the skin, nourish, moisturize, have not yet found an indispensable universal tool, so try different. My hair is mostly professional shampoos for curly hair, always use a mask, and after - soft spray or butter. I believe that hair should be protected ".

Relax actress helps silence. "I like to go to massages, and now, when such a serious exercise - it's just a doctor's appointment. Good music, a cup of hot tea, a book - it's all pleasant things that help defer fuss. Sometimes my husband and I can go to the mall and just chat in a restaurant, go to the movies, buy each other gifts ".

All those who doubt themselves, Lyanka gives simple advice:" Be honest with me, write down on a piece of paper all the shortcomings that you hesitate. Dry brittle hair? Unhealthy skin? Overweight? Look at them carefully and ask yourself the question "How can I fix it?". Change the position of the victim to the position of women! It's a big responsibility to pull myself together, but it is, believe me, gives results! When you see the admiring glances, then feel victorious. Everything is possible, you only need to act! "

Leonardo DiCaprio gave three million Nepalese tigers

Leonardo DiCaprio, we remember, is actively fighting for the preservation of the natural environment. Several years ago, he said through a snowstorm and blizzard provralsya to St. Petersburg to support endangered species of tigers, and now again donates money to rescue these animals. Actor gave $ 3 million to fund WWF to protect tigers in the Nepalese national park Terai's Bardia

"In the world there are only 3,200 tigers - is the result of destruction of their habitat and illegal hunting - the actor said in a statement. - WWF, the Government of Nepal and the local community is the battle for the Tigers, and I hope that this grant will help them succeed and increase the number of these noble creatures twice ".

The task is to increase the tiger population by 2022 - the year of the Tiger eastern horoscope. Funds will be used to improve the reserve in Nepal: increased patrols, clearance of natural areas for tigers and purchase of equipment for the observation.

DiCaprio is not the first time supports the Terai's Bardia. Thus, the reserve staff report that with the help of Leo they managed to increase the number of tigers from 18 to 50.

Kelly Clarkson: 'Now I have a reason to be fat'

This year has been truly fantastic for Kelly Clarkson: A month ago the singer married Brandon Blackstock, she is in an interesting position, and is preparing to release a new album. In addition, the artist became the heroine of the journal Parade, in an interview which talked about the wedding, pregnancy, and against his own body.

On participation in American Idol:

When I came home after the first listen, I thought I was going to win this competition. It was a difficult path, but it was something more than a job.

On relations:

Before I met Brandon, I was alone for almost seven years. In my whole life I had only three boyfriend, considering Brandon. Two of them were good people, we just did not match each other.

About the wedding:

I cried like a baby. We have prepared for each other vows. It was hard to get through it, but I did it.

About Pregnancy:

I'm not getting any younger, so we decided it was time to try to get pregnant. I'm really confident that I will have a girl. I demand it! If I have a daughter, then I'll be happy.

Also, now I have a reason to be fat!

About your body:

I've never been as Giselle Bundchen, but nobody expects. 

Cara Delevingne: completely doped adrenaline!

Last night the British top was spotted with her BFF in an amusement park London. There is nothing to report. His drug ... are the thrills!

Cara Delevingne

Cara found her child's soul and proves once again being star does not mean to be different and take seriously. Last night she had fun like a little crazy in the heart of London in Hyde Park. Smile and rebellious lock ... sister Poppy Delevingne did everything to experience the thrill. With her BFF namely Georgia May Jagger and Suki Waterhouse, Miss Delevingne again played the Eskimo scruffy. The it-girl took her a few hours break to find her friends and take full advantage of this means sharing winter. Mingling with passers lambda, the trio tested all attractions. When one loves, one does not count! More accomplices than ever, the three blondes have not dropped an inch!

The media constantly asking since the fair has been caught with a bag of powder, to which it may well carburer. In the end, it seems that adrenaline sufficient to supermodel to take on another planet.

Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne

Kevin Bacon daughter became Miss 'Golden Globe' -2014

Our congratulations to Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick - their daughter was named Miss Sozi "Golden Globes 2014!

Sozi ,Golden Globes

Hollywood Foreign Press Association annually chooses a queen and a king's daughter or son ceremony celebrities and earlier this honor awarded Dakota Johnson, Laura Dern, Freddie Prinze Jr., Rumer Willis, and last year the role played Sam - the son of Michael J. Fox and Tracy Pollan. The main task of a king or queen of the "Golden Globe" - present on the stage during the ceremony and assist with the presentation of awards. Honorable, to be sure!

Sozi Bacon, recall, 21 years old, and she has done something in a movie and the movie - of course, with the active assistance of the father and mother: in 2004 she made her debut in the film "Pet", which took Kevin, and later appeared in the series "Snoop", where the main role performed by Cyrus.

Well, congratulations again, and look forward to Sozi ceremony of "Golden Globe Awards" on January 12 next year !

Justin Theroux does not want to marry Jennifer Aniston?

Justin Theroux does not want to marry Jennifer Aniston

Despite the fact that Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux engaged for 15 months, wedding, rumored to be not soon. Justin Theroux moved to New York for work, leaving the 44-year-old bride in Los Angeles.

Reported insider magazine In Touch, and the ceremony can not take place:

Jen always worked on the set in a non-stop, while Justin wrote scripts and produced. But now he is, including, also shooting a film, which could not affect their relationship. This is not the fault of Theroux - he just wants to work harder. But because of this, they began to live separately, so that the pair hardly seen. And in general - Justin is very afraid of the wedding and do not want to have children.

However, Jen is very afraid of losing the groom, so he constantly calls and sends messages.

Friends Aniston not particularly surprised sad news although the actress tries struggled to keep the relationship:

Usually Jen meets a man for two years. Then - a breakup. This is so like her: first, desperately in love, and then try to save the relationship, but in the end - sad ending. She was sure that Justin - "that" man.

Moreover, the publication In Touch, which goes on sale on December 2, claims that Justin visited party wife of actor Robert Downey Jr., where paparazzi captured his unequivocal kiss with his wife Trudie Styler Sting. Recall that the spouses are famous "open" marriage and do not mind sharing partners.

Friends Jennifer argue that managers actress repeatedly tried to explain Theroux, that he should not behave this way, meeting the star:

Theroux tries to adapt to the world of Hollywood show business, he knows the rules, but still violate them.

Well, at least Jennifer is still hope.

Angelina Jolie lost the role in 'Gravity' because of his manager

Tape "Gravity" was the cause of enmity between the two Hollywood stars: by Western press reports, Angelina Jolie is furious because a major role in fiction drama not got it, and Sandra Bullock.

If you go back a little, we can recall that the original film's director, Alfonso Cuaron and studio, specializing in the production of the project, would like to see in the picture is Jolie and she did offer several times. However, if the media reported that the actress has refused to participate in the filming of "Gravity".

Finally filmmakers were forced to delete it from the list of contenders for the lead role and was offered a place Bullock, who not long pondered the answer: now collects actress laurels, and can become the owner of the "Oscar".

The question "why Jolie angry Bullock, not for themselves?"

Others sources say that Angelina has missed out-standing role for her manager Geyer Kosinski, whom the actress has already fired. It turns out that at the very moment when the studio was looking for the main character of "Gravity," Kosinski demanded Jolie raise his salary. Role in the fantastic picture was lost ...

For many years, Jolie relied on her manager Geyer Kosinski, who eventually tripped her and demanded the actress producer fees, as he wanted to participate to a greater extent in its projects.

If this is indeed true, it is very unfortunate that Jolie never got on the set of "Gravity." Currently, however, this band is pretty hard to imagine with another actress in a leading role: Bullock successfully with what they say rave reviews from critics and audiences who have already see the picture.

Kim Kardashian sells her clothes on eBay

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian has opened a charity auction on eBay. Now everyone will be able to buy clothes that hugged Kim outstanding form. On sale, which started on Thursday, exhibited the most exquisite outfits in which Kim walked down the red carpet. And all things only from famous designers, including: Marc Jacobs, Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana and Prada.

Despite what Kardashian said as a charity auction, the fund international medical corporations that are engaged in assistance to victims in the Philippines she deduct only 10% of total revenue from sold dresses. View full

Kim Kardashian sells her clothes on eBay

Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton went in the winter park

Actress Helena Bonham Carter and director Tim Burton with his son Billy and a 5-year-old daughter Nell went to the opening of the winter park Winter Wonderland, which appears in the London Hyde Park every year at Christmas. Rides, ice slides, a huge roller - real winter fairy tale!

Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton went in the winter park

The couple looked absolutely happy, enjoying hot dogs, candy and roller coasters.

Helena, which is famous passion for outrageous clothing, looked amazing in a black coat and a long skirt, black ankle boots add an image and a brown leather handbag.

During a trip to an attraction 47-year-old Carter yelled in horror as 55-year-old Barton was calm as flint. After extreme close-knit family went for sweets and hot dogs. Judging by the photo report Tim - a passionate fan of American fast food.

Recall that all the recent rumors that Barton cheating on his wife with some blonde: paparazzi photographed couple in north London. Nevertheless, the representative director denied.

And she joked Helena sad at Hamptons International Film Festival in New York:

I do not know what to say ... Perhaps it has to make me sick!

Note the couple met on the set of "Planet of the Apes" in 2001. Ever since they were together.

Well, we believe that Helena and Tim - very harmonious couple.

And what do you say?

Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton

Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton went in the winter park

Kristina Asmus: no twins

Kristina Asmus in his Instagrame exposed all the gossip and rumors about his birth and sex of the child. So, the press reported, though the actress will give birth any day now, and immediately double: it shows in her figure.Kristina was not too lazy and personally ridiculed all the gossip.

"Answer all at once - I'm on the 9th month - dot on the i actress. - I feel fine, thank you all! Morning for a rehearsal in the theater. Funny comments about a 100% reliance on sex of the child)) or even twins)) Am I that mutated?)) "

Fans not made to wait to answer. "What was a beauty, and has remained a) health of the entire family!! You are great) "- they wrote. "Anyone would feel that way at the 9th month!" - Used female fans.

Kristina Asmus

Jennifer Garner and Zoe Saldana at the Variety Awards Studio

Jennifer Garner and Zoe Saldana at the Variety Awards Studio

On the eve of California passed the second day Variety Awards Studio. Guests of the event were celebrities who came to West Hollywood to discuss the latest movies and TV trends.

Roundtable gathered last night, Jennifer Garner, Zoe Saldana and other stars who had something to say: actress expressed opinion and made predictions about the following seasons.

In particular girls discussed the tape "Dallas Buyers Club" (Dallas Buyers Club) with Garner in the title role, "From hell" (Out of the Furnace) with Saldana, "August : Osage County "(August: Osage County) Julianne Nicholson," Captive "(Prisoners) and Melissa Leo and other interesting pictures.

Although the meeting was relaxed and actress still decided to put on their best clothes . So, Garner appeared on the red carpet in a dress by ALC and shoes from Valentino, and Saldana chose top and skirt from Calvin Klein, as well as shoes from Christian Louboutin.

Melissa Leo, Jennifer Garner, June Squibb, Sarah Paulson, Julianne Nicholson and Zoe Saldana

Jennifer Garner and Zoe Saldana at the Variety Awards Studio

Maria Sharapova and Patrick Dempsey on the car presentation

Maria Sharapova and star of TV series "Grey's Anatomy" Patrick Dempsey attended the world premiere of a new model luxury car.

Maria Sharapova and Patrick Dempsey on the car presentation

Note that the 26-year-old Maria has long worked with luxury car brand, and is the first girl who had the honor to be his face. Recall that Sharapova's filming in promotional photo shoots cars.

By the way, recently became aware that Olimpsiyskih Games in Sochi in 2014 Maria act as sports commentator for television channel NBC.

Producer Jim Bell Channel justified his choice by the fact that Sharapova has grown to six years in Sochi:

Sochi She knows very well, because there are still many of her friends live. Maria - one of the most recognizable sports stars in the world! 

Another news from Mary - she found a new coach - Sven Groenefeld. In August, was dismissed former mentor Mary Jimmy Connors, and from that time on the tennis court did not come out.

Maria Sharapova on the car presentation

Maria Sharapova on the car presentation

Maria Sharapova on the car presentation

Maria Sharapova on the car presentation

Maria Sharapova and Patrick Dempsey on the car presentation

Maria Sharapova and Patrick Dempsey on the car presentation