Nov 22, 2013

Justin Theroux does not want to marry Jennifer Aniston?

Justin Theroux does not want to marry Jennifer Aniston

Despite the fact that Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux engaged for 15 months, wedding, rumored to be not soon. Justin Theroux moved to New York for work, leaving the 44-year-old bride in Los Angeles.

Reported insider magazine In Touch, and the ceremony can not take place:

Jen always worked on the set in a non-stop, while Justin wrote scripts and produced. But now he is, including, also shooting a film, which could not affect their relationship. This is not the fault of Theroux - he just wants to work harder. But because of this, they began to live separately, so that the pair hardly seen. And in general - Justin is very afraid of the wedding and do not want to have children.

However, Jen is very afraid of losing the groom, so he constantly calls and sends messages.

Friends Aniston not particularly surprised sad news although the actress tries struggled to keep the relationship:

Usually Jen meets a man for two years. Then - a breakup. This is so like her: first, desperately in love, and then try to save the relationship, but in the end - sad ending. She was sure that Justin - "that" man.

Moreover, the publication In Touch, which goes on sale on December 2, claims that Justin visited party wife of actor Robert Downey Jr., where paparazzi captured his unequivocal kiss with his wife Trudie Styler Sting. Recall that the spouses are famous "open" marriage and do not mind sharing partners.

Friends Jennifer argue that managers actress repeatedly tried to explain Theroux, that he should not behave this way, meeting the star:

Theroux tries to adapt to the world of Hollywood show business, he knows the rules, but still violate them.

Well, at least Jennifer is still hope.