Nov 22, 2013

Ksenia Sobtchak apologized to Tina Kandelaki

Ksenia Sobchak apologized to Tina Kandelaki

Ksenia Sobtchak partially apologized to Tina Kandelaki in his blog: she was "vile and disgusting from itself" for criticizing his personal life presenter.

Ksenia yesterday in his blog post information about that new beau Tina Kandelaki with that she flew on a "secret" holiday in Dubai - Ukrainian oligarch Sergei Kurchenko. But today Xenia apologized on Twitter and posted a link to a post in a personal blog with the following statement:

I truly believe that "a heap" and put herself on the same level. Therefore, I sincerely apologize.

In his post Ksenia brings "belated apology":

Recall Sobtchak Tina Kandelaki criticized for staying in Dubai in November, and television presenter, in turn, denied the trip and invited Xenia dispute to 500,000 dollars if she can prove that it meets the information truth Tina pay her the amount claimed.

Obviously, Xenia does not need money:

Indeed, sometimes the world is so poor, that they have nothing but money. So leave your 500,000, Tinatin, myself: it's all that you really have :)

Well, let's follow the "Cold War" Ksenia Sobtchak and Tina Kandelaki.

And on whose side you?