Nov 22, 2013

Leonardo DiCaprio gave three million Nepalese tigers

Leonardo DiCaprio, we remember, is actively fighting for the preservation of the natural environment. Several years ago, he said through a snowstorm and blizzard provralsya to St. Petersburg to support endangered species of tigers, and now again donates money to rescue these animals. Actor gave $ 3 million to fund WWF to protect tigers in the Nepalese national park Terai's Bardia

"In the world there are only 3,200 tigers - is the result of destruction of their habitat and illegal hunting - the actor said in a statement. - WWF, the Government of Nepal and the local community is the battle for the Tigers, and I hope that this grant will help them succeed and increase the number of these noble creatures twice ".

The task is to increase the tiger population by 2022 - the year of the Tiger eastern horoscope. Funds will be used to improve the reserve in Nepal: increased patrols, clearance of natural areas for tigers and purchase of equipment for the observation.

DiCaprio is not the first time supports the Terai's Bardia. Thus, the reserve staff report that with the help of Leo they managed to increase the number of tigers from 18 to 50.

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