Nov 22, 2013

Angelina Jolie lost the role in 'Gravity' because of his manager

Tape "Gravity" was the cause of enmity between the two Hollywood stars: by Western press reports, Angelina Jolie is furious because a major role in fiction drama not got it, and Sandra Bullock.

If you go back a little, we can recall that the original film's director, Alfonso Cuaron and studio, specializing in the production of the project, would like to see in the picture is Jolie and she did offer several times. However, if the media reported that the actress has refused to participate in the filming of "Gravity".

Finally filmmakers were forced to delete it from the list of contenders for the lead role and was offered a place Bullock, who not long pondered the answer: now collects actress laurels, and can become the owner of the "Oscar".

The question "why Jolie angry Bullock, not for themselves?"

Others sources say that Angelina has missed out-standing role for her manager Geyer Kosinski, whom the actress has already fired. It turns out that at the very moment when the studio was looking for the main character of "Gravity," Kosinski demanded Jolie raise his salary. Role in the fantastic picture was lost ...

For many years, Jolie relied on her manager Geyer Kosinski, who eventually tripped her and demanded the actress producer fees, as he wanted to participate to a greater extent in its projects.

If this is indeed true, it is very unfortunate that Jolie never got on the set of "Gravity." Currently, however, this band is pretty hard to imagine with another actress in a leading role: Bullock successfully with what they say rave reviews from critics and audiences who have already see the picture.