Nov 22, 2013

Kelly Clarkson: 'Now I have a reason to be fat'

This year has been truly fantastic for Kelly Clarkson: A month ago the singer married Brandon Blackstock, she is in an interesting position, and is preparing to release a new album. In addition, the artist became the heroine of the journal Parade, in an interview which talked about the wedding, pregnancy, and against his own body.

On participation in American Idol:

When I came home after the first listen, I thought I was going to win this competition. It was a difficult path, but it was something more than a job.

On relations:

Before I met Brandon, I was alone for almost seven years. In my whole life I had only three boyfriend, considering Brandon. Two of them were good people, we just did not match each other.

About the wedding:

I cried like a baby. We have prepared for each other vows. It was hard to get through it, but I did it.

About Pregnancy:

I'm not getting any younger, so we decided it was time to try to get pregnant. I'm really confident that I will have a girl. I demand it! If I have a daughter, then I'll be happy.

Also, now I have a reason to be fat!

About your body:

I've never been as Giselle Bundchen, but nobody expects.