Nov 22, 2013

Kristina Asmus: no twins

Kristina Asmus in his Instagrame exposed all the gossip and rumors about his birth and sex of the child. So, the press reported, though the actress will give birth any day now, and immediately double: it shows in her figure.Kristina was not too lazy and personally ridiculed all the gossip.

"Answer all at once - I'm on the 9th month - dot on the i actress. - I feel fine, thank you all! Morning for a rehearsal in the theater. Funny comments about a 100% reliance on sex of the child)) or even twins)) Am I that mutated?)) "

Fans not made to wait to answer. "What was a beauty, and has remained a) health of the entire family!! You are great) "- they wrote. "Anyone would feel that way at the 9th month!" - Used female fans.

Kristina Asmus