Mar 12, 2014

Taylor Swift distances itself from Selena Gomez by Justin Bieber Reunion

Until recently, Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez were still as best friends, but that should be over now, when the gossip page, Us Weekly 'believes. According to one report she distances herself from Sel, because this again anbandelt with her ex Justin Bieber.

The weekend, the two lovebirds cuddling by Texas small towns, and took a hot dance performance on in a studio. Justin got Selena also sent flowers to the value of $ 10,000 Contact us.

Taylor was downright "disgusted" by the fact that Jelena seems to be a reality again. In addition, they take it to their former best friend crooked that they tried last June to make Justin jealous with pal Ed Sheeran. "After this thing, Taylor distanced from her."

Whether in the rumor really is something in it, of course you do not know, but quite surprisingly would not be such a step. We only remember the Billboard Awards in 2013, when Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber Backstage gave a friendly kiss. Taylor Swift went over and stuck out her tongue in disgust. Still a highlight in television history!

Anna Sedokova started looking for a home in Los Angeles

Singer Anna Sedokova started looking for a home in Los Angeles. For future housing ex-"VIA Gra" presents a number of requirements: nearby park needs, it must be convenient for children and dogs, as well as affordable. However, to find such an apartment was not easy. According Sedokova easier to find "her man».

«I'm looking for it is not the first day or even a week. And every time, like, find and think: "That's it!". But no. Buffy or impossible, or 4 hours before school to go "- complained of" Instagrame "Sedokova.

However newfound fashion despairs and believes he will find a suitable home. "I do not let my hands go down and bawling my eyes. Just sometimes you have to sacrifice something. The main fact - just be together. And no matter how many meters. Main surrounded by love, "- concludes Sedokova reflections.

But Alain Vodonaeva, though owns an apartment in Moscow, does not linger long in one place. That would go to Paris, then suddenly will be in St. Petersburg, and even begin to look there children's sports schools, and in the summer and did move to Spain.

Naomi Campbell: 'I want a baby, even if I raise him alone'

While the public discusses scandals involving Naomi Campbell and her experiments with the appearance, the very "black panther" think about a much more serious things. So, in a new interview with top model admitted that she is ready for motherhood. 43-year-old Campbell says:

I at that age, when I am fully aware that I wanted a child - though had often talked in interviews about children.

Now I really want to become a mother - regardless of whether a man next to me or not.

Recall that the model's ex-boyfriend, Russian businessman Vladislav Doronin, and dark-skinned beauty does not lead to the altar. Their relationship ended last year.

Meantime, maternal instinct, according to Naomi, manifested in the fact that it takes care of its young participants show The Face - aspiring models:

I like to teach. I'm with them every day for ten weeks. And suddenly the project ends, and I realize how much I miss them and get depressed when stopped seeing girls.

However, not all participants were seen in Campbell caring "mom": about a month ago Russian model Dikhtyar Cyrus, who took part in the project, has accused Naomi that she brought her to a nervous breakdown.

Rihanna: well covered for another evening with Drake

The star was spotted yesterday in Manchester, always alongside Canadian rapper Drake!

In recent days, they were rarely seen away from each other ... London, Amsterdam, Paris, together they scour the major European cities for several weeks!

And no change yesterday (Tuesday, March 11) Rihanna and Drake have once again been spotted together in Manchester, new call of Canadian rapper in his world tour, Would You Like a Tour.
Indeed, Riri and Dreezy were out until the early hours of Wednesday morning (March 12), after the show the boy on the Hip Hop scene Phones 4U Arena.

And if they watch went partying in the nightclub Cirque Le Soir in London, this time it's in the All Star Lanes bowling they went to have fun! Look

still casual Drake, while the Barbadian singer was beautifully glamorous, perched on strappy sandals Christian Louboutin scratched and wearing leggings worn with a long black coat and scarf in brown fur.

Once again, the alleged couple is inseparable and displayed more accomplices, but not always the shadow of a confirmation of their romance ... At the same time, has does one really need?

Maria Hoefl-Riesch: After falling in clinic flown

The last World Cup downhill in Switzerland ended for the three-time Olympic champion Maria Hoefl-Riesch with a shock. The 29-year-old crashed heavily and had to be transported immediately by helicopter to the hospital.

Out of sheer pain the ski driver could not suppress loud screams after she lost control in a bend to the right and slid into the catch fence. As reported, among others, Spiegel Online, injured Hoefl-Riesch thereby probably in the upper arm and shoulder area. Your legs should be unharmed. "I have not seen the downfall of Mary, have only heard that it was a bad fall," said rival Anna Fenninger, who now performs the incident in the World Cup. In the descent to Hoefl-Riesch was however previously secure victory yet. Your place on the podium remained empty, however. After prolonged treatment spot the athlete had to be flown by helicopter for further care in a hospital.

Detailed information on the severity of the injury are not yet known.

Sylvie mother accuses: Sabia is a devil

Once you actually thought that the topic Sylvie van der Vaart and Sabia Boulahrouz 2014 would be less prominent than in the past year, the eternal dispute now gaining momentum again, because both Sylvie herself and her mother Rita expect public with Rafael's girlfriend from.

In the current Closer Rita Meis makes their anger over Sabias behavior finally air. "She's a devil," she accuses. The behavior of Sylvie former best friend was no longer normal, after all, Dress Sabia is not only just as Sylvie, but also use more of the little Damian to spread lies about his mother. "Is it normal that you eat goes precisely in the favorite restaurant of the ex of your friend up to three times per week if it is still right outside the apartment of the ex-wife?" She asks blankly.

Your daughters no longer pity this absurd spectacle, however, she clarifies: "I have a good advice for Sabia, 'Go on with your life!' No matter what she imagines to make it difficult to make Sylvie or to meet them emotionally - it will not succeed her the time of sadness Sylvie has shaken off some months ago "..

Sylvie van der Vaart

36 men Lindsay Lohan: actress made a list of amorous conquests

Editorial tabloid InTouch released a list of men with whom, as the article says, twisted love affairs Lindsay Lohan. And, if you believe the edition, compiled a list of the star itself - and in it as much as 36 famous names!

As tabloid journalists could get such a unique document? The article mentions that Lindsay listed the girlfriends of men with whom she had a relationship during a party. Source transmits the list wording says:

They were laughing and gossiping about celebrities. She made a list of his sexual conquests to impress friends, and leaving just threw it away.

Apparently, the dustbin of paper got the same insider - thanks to a complete list of alleged lovers 27-year-old Lindsey and were able to see everyone.

will not argue on the authenticity of the list, and just list the big names mentioned in it: Joaquin Phoenix, Justin Timberlake, Zac Efron, Colin Farrell, Heath Ledger, James Franco, Garrett Hedlund, Adam Levine, Jamie Dornan, Lukas Haas, Wilmer Valderrama, Max George.

interesting that in addition to these, there are other names, and much of it is hidden "for reasons of legality." As explained by an insider:

There are some very big names, and these guys are not alone. If all of this unfold, the relationship of several Hollywood couples will be under attack.

Itself from Lohan no comments on the controversial list have been reported.

Naturalness and elegance: Cheryl Cole at a press conference in London

British singer, dancer, actress and model Cheryl Cole caught our attention when last night appeared in the Arts Club in London at a press conference music show X Factor, to announce that he was returning to the project as a judge.

Cheryl Cole at a press conference in London

For its release star chose an elegant black dress with the original top from Lela Rose collection of Pre-Fall 2013. Couture outfit ideal figure sat on the actress, advantageously emphasizing her slender figure.

Edit Image Cole helped black glasses and tricolor pumps from Christian Louboutin.

In addition, the singer showed their new color hair - it turned out almost brunette to blonde. Now celebrity hair poured pleasing to the eye a golden hue.

As for makeup, then, unfortunately, under the glasses do not see what make-up preferred Cheryl. But, judging by the color tone means and lip gloss, we can assume that our heroine only emphasized their natural beauty discreet shades.

Cheryl Cole at a press conference in London

Kara Devlin and Kate Moss are removed together in an advertising campaign

This year, we are waiting for a lot of interesting advertising campaigns featuring stars. One of them will definitely become a promotional campaign of the fashion house Burberry. Why? Why, it was attended by just two world famous models - Kara Devlin and Kate Moss.

On the news of the fashion world has learned from one of the participants in this creative union - from Delvin. Fit posted on his page on the social network picture, which shows she and her Bole experienced colleagues, as well as written, what was the reason for the meeting:

I'm extremely excited. Working on an advertising campaign of the new fragrance Burberry with beautiful Kate Moss. 

Kara Devlin and Kate Moss advertising campaign

In addition, she reported that the author of the cult series made fashion photographer Mario Testino, and that means only one thing - Promotional photos will be stylish and memorable.

Recall that Moss and Delvin have long been familiar - Kate was for Cara not just a friend, it can be called a second mother star, it plays an important role in her life.

So now look to work together even more interesting models. I look forward to the results!

Kara Devlin and Kate

Kara Devlin, Tom Jones and Kate Moss

'Noah': Emma Watson, and Russell Crowe in the new trailer

Studio Paramount has released the second trailer for Darren Aronofsky's film "Noah," based on all known biblical story. The first trailer was presented to viewers in November, and the world premiere of the film is expected in March 26.

Footage from the movie trailer Noah

Russell Crowe played the tape in Aronofsky major role, which, incidentally, could play Christian Bale or Michael Fassbender (both actors refused to participate in the project). Also involved in the film Crowe Emma Watson, Jennifer Connelly, Anthony Hopkins, Logan Lerman, Douglas Booth, Nick Nolte and others.

Way, it represents a new trailer Watson, in his short appeal called on fans to share their views on the video, putting the hashtag # Noah.

Hardly recognized: Sylvie Meis is now Vogue Model

What is still an unfulfilled dream for Kim Kardashian, was for Sylvie Meis Now a Reality: You made it to the cover of the most important fashion magazine in the world - the Vogue. In this case, you probably had to look twice to see the beautiful Dutch.

"Dreams can come true! Thank you!!!!"
 Sylvie wrote on Twitter. The great honor which was given to her because she seemed hardly able to believe. Well as little evidence for herself, she chose the beautiful cover to their profile picture on Twitter. With discreet makeup and simple hairstyle is usually so stylish presenter presented by a completely new page, looking something refreshingly different.

"The Magic of Spring" headlines the Dutch Vogue, among other things on their cover. With Sylvie as a model every reader will probably easily awakened from hibernation just as omnipresent. Let's hope that the Dutch of that magic can benefit quite a lot and now makes talk back to positive headlines from itself. "April showers bring May flowers April," it must have meant, in the case of Sylvie's cover story.

Britney Spears and David Lucado get married in the house of Elvis Presley?

While Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher have not even started planning a wedding, preparing for celebration of Britney Spears and David Lucado underway. So, there is information about the place where will be a holiday lovers: if you believe the rumors, the famous couple legalize relations in the home of Elvis Presley in Memphis, Tennessee.

Britney Spears and David Lucado get married in the house of Elvis Presley

According to the source, the main reason why the choice fell on singer this mansion (which now houses the Museum of the King of Rock 'n' Roll) - bring to their third one wedding as much attention

Britney wants her wedding to be in the limelight. Photos taken during the celebration, you can easily sell press for a round sum. That's why Spears wants to communicate with her daughter Lisa Marie Presley and ask for permission to hold a ceremony in her father's house. 

It is reported that if Lisa Marie gives consent, then Britney will immediately begin preparing for the solemn day. Recall that previous wedding singer held in Las Vegas (with Jason Alexander in 2004) and Los Angeles (when in the same 2004 Spears married Kevin Federline).