Mar 12, 2014

Anna Sedokova started looking for a home in Los Angeles

Singer Anna Sedokova started looking for a home in Los Angeles. For future housing ex-"VIA Gra" presents a number of requirements: nearby park needs, it must be convenient for children and dogs, as well as affordable. However, to find such an apartment was not easy. According Sedokova easier to find "her man».

«I'm looking for it is not the first day or even a week. And every time, like, find and think: "That's it!". But no. Buffy or impossible, or 4 hours before school to go "- complained of" Instagrame "Sedokova.

However newfound fashion despairs and believes he will find a suitable home. "I do not let my hands go down and bawling my eyes. Just sometimes you have to sacrifice something. The main fact - just be together. And no matter how many meters. Main surrounded by love, "- concludes Sedokova reflections.

But Alain Vodonaeva, though owns an apartment in Moscow, does not linger long in one place. That would go to Paris, then suddenly will be in St. Petersburg, and even begin to look there children's sports schools, and in the summer and did move to Spain.