Mar 12, 2014

Hardly recognized: Sylvie Meis is now Vogue Model

What is still an unfulfilled dream for Kim Kardashian, was for Sylvie Meis Now a Reality: You made it to the cover of the most important fashion magazine in the world - the Vogue. In this case, you probably had to look twice to see the beautiful Dutch.

"Dreams can come true! Thank you!!!!"
 Sylvie wrote on Twitter. The great honor which was given to her because she seemed hardly able to believe. Well as little evidence for herself, she chose the beautiful cover to their profile picture on Twitter. With discreet makeup and simple hairstyle is usually so stylish presenter presented by a completely new page, looking something refreshingly different.

"The Magic of Spring" headlines the Dutch Vogue, among other things on their cover. With Sylvie as a model every reader will probably easily awakened from hibernation just as omnipresent. Let's hope that the Dutch of that magic can benefit quite a lot and now makes talk back to positive headlines from itself. "April showers bring May flowers April," it must have meant, in the case of Sylvie's cover story.