Mar 12, 2014

Naomi Campbell: 'I want a baby, even if I raise him alone'

While the public discusses scandals involving Naomi Campbell and her experiments with the appearance, the very "black panther" think about a much more serious things. So, in a new interview with top model admitted that she is ready for motherhood. 43-year-old Campbell says:

I at that age, when I am fully aware that I wanted a child - though had often talked in interviews about children.

Now I really want to become a mother - regardless of whether a man next to me or not.

Recall that the model's ex-boyfriend, Russian businessman Vladislav Doronin, and dark-skinned beauty does not lead to the altar. Their relationship ended last year.

Meantime, maternal instinct, according to Naomi, manifested in the fact that it takes care of its young participants show The Face - aspiring models:

I like to teach. I'm with them every day for ten weeks. And suddenly the project ends, and I realize how much I miss them and get depressed when stopped seeing girls.

However, not all participants were seen in Campbell caring "mom": about a month ago Russian model Dikhtyar Cyrus, who took part in the project, has accused Naomi that she brought her to a nervous breakdown.