Mar 12, 2014

Taylor Swift distances itself from Selena Gomez by Justin Bieber Reunion

Until recently, Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez were still as best friends, but that should be over now, when the gossip page, Us Weekly 'believes. According to one report she distances herself from Sel, because this again anbandelt with her ex Justin Bieber.

The weekend, the two lovebirds cuddling by Texas small towns, and took a hot dance performance on in a studio. Justin got Selena also sent flowers to the value of $ 10,000 Contact us.

Taylor was downright "disgusted" by the fact that Jelena seems to be a reality again. In addition, they take it to their former best friend crooked that they tried last June to make Justin jealous with pal Ed Sheeran. "After this thing, Taylor distanced from her."

Whether in the rumor really is something in it, of course you do not know, but quite surprisingly would not be such a step. We only remember the Billboard Awards in 2013, when Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber Backstage gave a friendly kiss. Taylor Swift went over and stuck out her tongue in disgust. Still a highlight in television history!