Mar 12, 2014

36 men Lindsay Lohan: actress made a list of amorous conquests

Editorial tabloid InTouch released a list of men with whom, as the article says, twisted love affairs Lindsay Lohan. And, if you believe the edition, compiled a list of the star itself - and in it as much as 36 famous names!

As tabloid journalists could get such a unique document? The article mentions that Lindsay listed the girlfriends of men with whom she had a relationship during a party. Source transmits the list wording says:

They were laughing and gossiping about celebrities. She made a list of his sexual conquests to impress friends, and leaving just threw it away.

Apparently, the dustbin of paper got the same insider - thanks to a complete list of alleged lovers 27-year-old Lindsey and were able to see everyone.

will not argue on the authenticity of the list, and just list the big names mentioned in it: Joaquin Phoenix, Justin Timberlake, Zac Efron, Colin Farrell, Heath Ledger, James Franco, Garrett Hedlund, Adam Levine, Jamie Dornan, Lukas Haas, Wilmer Valderrama, Max George.

interesting that in addition to these, there are other names, and much of it is hidden "for reasons of legality." As explained by an insider:

There are some very big names, and these guys are not alone. If all of this unfold, the relationship of several Hollywood couples will be under attack.

Itself from Lohan no comments on the controversial list have been reported.