Jan 28, 2014

Irina Shayk at the launch of fashion brand in Spain

Irina Shayk at the launch of fashion brand in Spain

The heroine of the latest issue of Russian HELLO! Irina Shayk last week fun vacationing in Mexico, and now plunged into the work. Supermodel recently flew to Barcelona to present to the public a new collection of the Spanish brand Desigual.

The presentation beloved Cristiano Ronaldo appeared in a dress brand and gladly posed for it in front of cameras. Irina said in his Twitter, that Desigual presented her the outfit that models love:

Thank you very much for the gift Desigual, I delighted with him! 

It remains to add that the Sheik, perhaps, in any dress looks great, and consider recent pictures supermodel.

Irina Shayk

Irina Shayk

Irina Shayk

Irina Shayk

Irina Shayk

Irina Shayk

Madonna and Miley Cyrus sing together

American actress and singer Madonna and Miley Cyrus to issue joint statement. According to the publication E! Online, women perform a duet during a concert Miley Cyrus MTV Unplugged, but what kind of a song performed by the star is still unknown.

Madonna and Miley Cyrus sing together

Miley is not officially confirmed the participation of the Madonna, reported just that at a concert MTV Unplugged young celebrity will perform their best songs, which became a springboard for her music career. With it in a press release MTV declared "special guests", whose names were not disclosed. "Miley and her fans always have an invisible connection through her music. MTV Unplugged stage will be an excellent platform for the audience to see how passionate and inspiring her music can be "- said in a release.

Must say that Miley duets have obtained even very decent. So, she has performed with Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, Ryan Lewis, and others.

Television show broadcast channel MTV Unplugged in 1989. Since there were Mariah Carey, Adele, Katy Perry, Bruce Springsteen and many others, and the group even got Nirvana "Grammy" in the nomination "Best Alternative Video" for her performance in this show on the MTV.

From blonde to brunette: Margot Robbie dyed hair

Screen wife Leonardo DiCaprio in "The Wolf of Wall Street" Margot Robbie dyed from blonde to brunette. Such a sacrifice - for the role of fantasy "Z - Zechariah means". 

 Margot Robbie dyed hair

23-year-old actress posted a photo in the image on the page and in WhoSay wrote:

first day on the set of "Z - Zechariah means "! She is no longer the Countess.

Recall recently learned that Margo replace this movie Amanda Seyfried. In addition to her in the sci-fi film are Chris Pine and Star "12 years of slavery" Chiwetel Ejiofor.

Blond or brunette - which image is Margot Robbie more?

 Margot Robbie dyed hair

End of Love Zrinka Cvitesic and Hrvoje RUPCIC

Great romance between? In Zrinka Cvitesic and Hrvoje RUPCIC (Rupčić) yet ended. After months of speculations city? Verse events confirmed it and I'm a drummer Cubismo

The love story of successful, actress and Hrvoje RUPCIC (Rupčić) after five and half years ended - interruption.

It is exclusively for new code Story confirmed 43-year-old handkerchief.

To learn difficult decision to end fell and actress and musician, so at first it only rarely trusted loved ones. Hrvoje and Zrinka split up at the end of December last year, but as sources claim, still occasionally hear the phone.

All on termination of their love story, which is initially filling newspaper columns since then has been Hrvoje married to Tina handkerchief with which he has all sons, 15-year-old Noah and Jacob eight years, as well as their business and life circumstances of the journey last year - read the new edition of Story, which is at all kisocima from Wednesday, 29 January

Jude Law relative sold the media about his personal life

In the course of the investigation edition News of the World, which is accused of illegal mining of information became known that the data on the personal life of the actor Jude Law journalists received from his relatives for a fee.

We are talking about the details of the personal life of the actor in 2005 when he broke up with actress Sienna Miller. Relative actor merged information that Miller changed Lowe with another film actor Daniel Craig. Jude Law himself learned about this traitor in their ranks at the end of last year.

In addition, a private detective in the apartment were found recording surveillance of Lowe. This detective in illegal manner and listened to voicemail stars, reporters working for News of the World. Among the victims of fraudulent zheltopressnyh tabloid journalists and other celebrities: Hugh Grant, Princes William and Harry, the Duchess of Cambridge.

Rita Ora on the '50 shades of gray': It will be a pleasant shock

Rita Ora has just returned from Canada, where starred in "50 shades of gray," and now shares his impressions from working on the set.

Rita Ora on the 50 shades of gray

According to the star, recently shone on the red carpet Grammy, all waiting for an unforgettable spectacle. Rita Ora says:

It will be the greatest pleasant shock.

Recall that the 23-year-old singer plays in the movie sister Christiana Gray - his role went to Jamie Dornan. Perhaps we will see in the film Rita in a completely new way:

It's a surprise. You maybe do not even know me. I was there very sexy!

Earlier Ora has starred in movies, but every once in very small roles. The singer has already appeared on the screen in the movie "Fast and Furious 6", "Spivs" series "Beverly Hills 90210". In the "50 shades" role it has a more significant, so the site had to worry star:

I was nervous because I had to play the role for the first time with the words. But the director, Sam, this is incredible, everything went perfectly.

Tape removes director Sam Taylor-Wood. The main female role Dakota Johnson. Also in the project are occupied Jennifer Ehle, Marcia Gay Harden, Max Martini and others. The premiere is scheduled for February 2015.

Zhanna Friske father: Daughter refused surgery, and this is her decision

Currently, Zhanna Friske, who was diagnosed with cancer, is one of the best clinics in New York. Do surgery later - the tumor is too large, so the singer had to take a course himioteropii. On why the actress refused the surgery when it was still possible, the father told the Star. 

According to Vladimir Friske, surgery could be fatal, so the singer has decided to deal with the terrible disease in other ways:

We went through all the Moscow specialized hospitals from the Neurosurgical Institute Burdenko to Blokhin Oncology Center. No one gives a guarantee that the daughter did not die in the case of surgery. Jeanne refused surgery, and it was her decision.

As son Friske and her common law husband, Dmitry Shepelev at the moment lives with his parents Plato star:

Kid speaks first words: mother, father, grandfather. The other day the wife lucky grandson to Joan. And while there flew closest friend Olga Orlova.

Earlier, producer Andrew Shlikov actress told the press that doctors who treat our compatriot, appreciate her chances of recovery.

Harry Styles takes the example of Justin Bieber

Harry Stiles is haunted thank Justin Bieber. All the antics of the singer attracting the attention of the public.

Thus, member of the "One Dirrection" decided to show their ingenuity and not think of anything better than to pee on the bushes in the eyes of passers-by. This action did not go unnoticed singer and internet immediately flown photo with his pants down.

Harry Styles Scandals photo

Producer and friend Harry MC Sir Mix-A-Lot on the photo learned bushes that grow near his home and commented on this incident:

At MC Sir Mix-A-Lot big problems. This is my house and my bushes.

In an interview, Stiles admitted that he often makes rash acts, which later regret, but he does not for the sake of their PR, but simply because he had such a nature:

I hope people see me as a good guy- says Harry.

Now Stiles is in the U.S., his fans carefully monitor the movement of the singer. For two weeks he had visited in Utah Film Festival Sundance, and in Los Angeles.

Approximate the artist claimed that he arrived in the U.S. in order to see his new passion Kendal Genero. Pair seen at a concert of "Eagle".

Recall producer boys band "One Direction" Simon Cowell against his ward relationship with one of the sisters Kardashian. According to Cowell, Kendal Harry uses for its own purposes, and the reputation of her family is not very good effect on the image of the group

Heidi Klum left her boyfriend

Supermodel Heidi Klum has decided to sever ties with Martin Kirsten. As it turned out, neither broke a few weeks ago. Eighteen-month relationship ended in nothing.

The couple began dating soon after Heidi divorced her husband, singer Seal in January 2012. Klum hard crash was given a seven-year marriage, but the relationship with Bodyguard Martin Kirsten saved her from depression begins.

Source told the publication People.

Martin was with her in a difficult period for her life, and it's what it will always be grateful. But life goes on, and they need to move on, unfortunately, in different directions.

40-year-old Heidi four children: Lou, Henry, Joan from singer Seal, and the oldest child Leni - from his first marriage with supermodel Flavio Briatore.

At the beginning of a romantic relationship with Heidi Martin told reporters:

He helped me for four years, and he cares about my wonderful children. He plays with them and protects them. I trust him.

With former husband Heidi strained relationship. In the midst of divorce proceedings, the singer said that his wife cheated on him with his bodyguard. Hardworking mother and wife, Klum was, to put it mildly indignant. Later, however, Seal said that he had in mind that the new relationship the ex-wife began even before the official dissolution of the marriage, but it did not matter - hearing about the change has already started and the public is already perceived as a singer deceived husband.

Heidi Klum, Martin Kirsten

Ksenia Sobchak, a scandal due to poisoning

Russian TV host and journalist Ksenia Sobchak always actively monitors political, fashion and social events throughout the world. But she is also the time for observations and in the commercial. So the other day thanks to their vigilance Xenia could open a big scam in one of the supermarkets in Moscow.

 TV presenter bought a bottle of water favorite brand, but it turned out it was fake. On his page on the social network Sobchak wrote:

 In Afimoll at the crossroads Palen Evian water is detected! Smells of bleach, took a sip-stomach twists! Label glue glued Just a shame! Here's how to bring to justice those who with impunity poisons us some garbage How such a network as Crossroads may purchase Palen? Palen Evian in Afimoll crossroads! Beware! poisoned, the label is not glued completely smells of bleach!.

 After a while Xenia reported that thanks to her angry posts this problem engaged distributor of this brand of water. TV presenter wrote:

 tweeter Power-called representative favorite Eviana-podedet take water on eksperizu and promised to sue the bastards selling Palen water. Crossroads suspended the sale of this lot of water on the adhesive labels! Done! Rescued at least someone from poisoning.

 So thanks to the vigilance, care and partial Ksenia Sobchak not only uncovered a gang of smugglers, but also managed to prevent a mass poisoning of thousands of Muscovites.

Agniya Ditkovskite and Alexei Chadov premiere tape 'Vij'

Yesterday in the capital cinema "October" was the premiere of a new adaptation of Nikolai Gogol's "Vij" (Вий) in the format of 3D. 

In the tape played by Oleg Stepchenko Agniya Ditkovskite Alexei Chadov Andrey Smolyakov, Oleg Taktarov, Jason Flemyng, Olga Zaitseva image Pannochki and many other stars. Character Cossack Yavtukh became late Valery Zolotukhin last role.

Guests premiere steel Yegor Konchalovsky, Love Tolkalina, Irina Slutskaya, Catherine, Alexander and Alexander Strizhenovy Anna Churina Leonid Yarmolnik with his wife Oksana, and many other celebrities.

recall action story set in the early 18th century. Cartographer Jonathan Green travels from Europe to the East and gets lost in the woods in the village, whose inhabitants to protect from the world in an attempt to escape from the evil forces. But it has long been settled in their souls. Does evil will break out? Learn after watching the movie.

Agniya Ditkovskite

Yegor Konchalovsky and Love Tolkalina

Andrew Smolyakov

Jason Flemyng

Alexander, Alexander and Catherine Strizhenovy

Katherine Spitz

Olga Zaitseva

Ivan Mokhovikov

Andrew Merzlikin

Anna Churina

Nikas Safronov

Irina Slutskaya

Elena Panova

Oksana and Leonid Yarmolnik

Domenic and Tatiana Lyutaeva

Matthew McConaughey and Camilla Alves at the premiere in Rome

Just a day Matthew McConaughey decided to pause in the busy schedule and went with his wife Camilla Alves, 4-year-old daughter Vida and 5 year old son Levi in ​​Italy. However, we were wrong - the actor flew to Rome not only for recreation, but then to introduce Europeans to his new film "The Dallas Buyers Club".

So, all day Sunday starry family walked around the neighborhood Coliseum together with friends and relatives, and on Monday evening McConaughey and Alves dressed in their luxurious couture outfits and went to the premiere of acclaimed dramatic tape.

In Hollywood actor with his wife on the red carpet were seen local celebrities.

Matthew McConaughey and Camilla Alves at the premiere in Rome

Matthew McConaughey and Camilla Alves at the premiere in Rome

Matthew McConaughey at the premiere in Rome

Matthew McConaughey at the premiere in Rome

Camilla Alves at the premiere in Rome

Camilla Alves at the premiere in Rome

Camilla Alves at the premiere in Rome

Alice in Wonderland: Emma Watson for Wonderland magazine

Wonderland magazine decided to make fans of Emma Watson nice gift - the first month of spring edition will meet with two covers depicting actress.

Judging from the first images from the photo shoot is already becoming clear that the survey turned romantic, gentle and graceful. The heroine of the numbers as stated in the title of the publication, an example of an image of the famous Alice stories trapped in wonderland.

On one of the covers Emma zapechetlen with a crown on his head - who knows, maybe by the author's idea of ​​frames Watson plays the role of the fairy princess. Whatever it was, her prince charming actress has just found.

We look forward to the full version of the photo shoot and enjoy the first pictures of Emma magic.

photo shoot Emma Watson

photo shoot Emma Watson

photo shoot Emma Watson