Jan 28, 2014

Harry Styles takes the example of Justin Bieber

Harry Stiles is haunted thank Justin Bieber. All the antics of the singer attracting the attention of the public.

Thus, member of the "One Dirrection" decided to show their ingenuity and not think of anything better than to pee on the bushes in the eyes of passers-by. This action did not go unnoticed singer and internet immediately flown photo with his pants down.

Harry Styles Scandals photo

Producer and friend Harry MC Sir Mix-A-Lot on the photo learned bushes that grow near his home and commented on this incident:

At MC Sir Mix-A-Lot big problems. This is my house and my bushes.

In an interview, Stiles admitted that he often makes rash acts, which later regret, but he does not for the sake of their PR, but simply because he had such a nature:

I hope people see me as a good guy- says Harry.

Now Stiles is in the U.S., his fans carefully monitor the movement of the singer. For two weeks he had visited in Utah Film Festival Sundance, and in Los Angeles.

Approximate the artist claimed that he arrived in the U.S. in order to see his new passion Kendal Genero. Pair seen at a concert of "Eagle".

Recall producer boys band "One Direction" Simon Cowell against his ward relationship with one of the sisters Kardashian. According to Cowell, Kendal Harry uses for its own purposes, and the reputation of her family is not very good effect on the image of the group