Jan 28, 2014

Zhanna Friske father: Daughter refused surgery, and this is her decision

Currently, Zhanna Friske, who was diagnosed with cancer, is one of the best clinics in New York. Do surgery later - the tumor is too large, so the singer had to take a course himioteropii. On why the actress refused the surgery when it was still possible, the father told the Star. 

According to Vladimir Friske, surgery could be fatal, so the singer has decided to deal with the terrible disease in other ways:

We went through all the Moscow specialized hospitals from the Neurosurgical Institute Burdenko to Blokhin Oncology Center. No one gives a guarantee that the daughter did not die in the case of surgery. Jeanne refused surgery, and it was her decision.

As son Friske and her common law husband, Dmitry Shepelev at the moment lives with his parents Plato star:

Kid speaks first words: mother, father, grandfather. The other day the wife lucky grandson to Joan. And while there flew closest friend Olga Orlova.

Earlier, producer Andrew Shlikov actress told the press that doctors who treat our compatriot, appreciate her chances of recovery.