Jan 28, 2014

Ksenia Sobchak, a scandal due to poisoning

Russian TV host and journalist Ksenia Sobchak always actively monitors political, fashion and social events throughout the world. But she is also the time for observations and in the commercial. So the other day thanks to their vigilance Xenia could open a big scam in one of the supermarkets in Moscow.

 TV presenter bought a bottle of water favorite brand, but it turned out it was fake. On his page on the social network Sobchak wrote:

 In Afimoll at the crossroads Palen Evian water is detected! Smells of bleach, took a sip-stomach twists! Label glue glued Just a shame! Here's how to bring to justice those who with impunity poisons us some garbage How such a network as Crossroads may purchase Palen? Palen Evian in Afimoll crossroads! Beware! poisoned, the label is not glued completely smells of bleach!.

 After a while Xenia reported that thanks to her angry posts this problem engaged distributor of this brand of water. TV presenter wrote:

 tweeter Power-called representative favorite Eviana-podedet take water on eksperizu and promised to sue the bastards selling Palen water. Crossroads suspended the sale of this lot of water on the adhesive labels! Done! Rescued at least someone from poisoning.

 So thanks to the vigilance, care and partial Ksenia Sobchak not only uncovered a gang of smugglers, but also managed to prevent a mass poisoning of thousands of Muscovites.