Jan 28, 2014

End of Love Zrinka Cvitesic and Hrvoje RUPCIC

Great romance between? In Zrinka Cvitesic and Hrvoje RUPCIC (Rupčić) yet ended. After months of speculations city? Verse events confirmed it and I'm a drummer Cubismo

The love story of successful, actress and Hrvoje RUPCIC (Rupčić) after five and half years ended - interruption.

It is exclusively for new code Story confirmed 43-year-old handkerchief.

To learn difficult decision to end fell and actress and musician, so at first it only rarely trusted loved ones. Hrvoje and Zrinka split up at the end of December last year, but as sources claim, still occasionally hear the phone.

All on termination of their love story, which is initially filling newspaper columns since then has been Hrvoje married to Tina handkerchief with which he has all sons, 15-year-old Noah and Jacob eight years, as well as their business and life circumstances of the journey last year - read the new edition of Story, which is at all kisocima from Wednesday, 29 January