Jan 28, 2014

Heidi Klum left her boyfriend

Supermodel Heidi Klum has decided to sever ties with Martin Kirsten. As it turned out, neither broke a few weeks ago. Eighteen-month relationship ended in nothing.

The couple began dating soon after Heidi divorced her husband, singer Seal in January 2012. Klum hard crash was given a seven-year marriage, but the relationship with Bodyguard Martin Kirsten saved her from depression begins.

Source told the publication People.

Martin was with her in a difficult period for her life, and it's what it will always be grateful. But life goes on, and they need to move on, unfortunately, in different directions.

40-year-old Heidi four children: Lou, Henry, Joan from singer Seal, and the oldest child Leni - from his first marriage with supermodel Flavio Briatore.

At the beginning of a romantic relationship with Heidi Martin told reporters:

He helped me for four years, and he cares about my wonderful children. He plays with them and protects them. I trust him.

With former husband Heidi strained relationship. In the midst of divorce proceedings, the singer said that his wife cheated on him with his bodyguard. Hardworking mother and wife, Klum was, to put it mildly indignant. Later, however, Seal said that he had in mind that the new relationship the ex-wife began even before the official dissolution of the marriage, but it did not matter - hearing about the change has already started and the public is already perceived as a singer deceived husband.

Heidi Klum, Martin Kirsten