Dec 6, 2013

singer Lady Gaga smokes marijuana to feel young

Lady Gaga smokes marijuana to feel young

27-year-old singer Lady Gaga has openly admitted that in the past often smoked marijuana. But she insists that the only way she could survive suddenly dumped upon her fame and only marijuana did so that Lady Gaga felt young again.

In an interview with Alan Carr, she said: "I fell in love with this thing (marijuana - approx. the author). She helped me to forget that I am now pretty damn popular. I missed one puff, to feel again 17-year-old girl, who in her go-go boots, looking for a job somewhere in the Lower East Side, a creative and independent ».
Nevertheless, the outrageous star admitted that recently calmed down a bit. She tries to take fewer drugs and not behave wildly, as before, to die from this life in his prime as Amy Winehouse.

Not so long ago, Amy became a par with the stars, died at the age of 27: Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Morrison.

reckless life, fame and drugs did their job.

But Lady Gaga is convinced that joined them and is going to live up to not only his birthday in March next year, but many more years to delight his fans: "I want to live, and I want my fans, too, lived, and I do not want them to have finished life as I am."

Jennifer Lopez wants to return his name

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez wants to reclaim his name officially. Famous actress and singer no longer wishes to be associated with ex-husband Marc Anthony in any way, especially to wear his name on official documents.

After a failed marriage, the artist wished to return to her maiden name Lopez, who, besides, there are stage name stars.

According to the website TMZ, Jennifer and Mark in their divorce suits have expressed a desire for joint custody of their children, Emma and Max.

44-year-old Mark filed for divorce in April last year, despite the fact that the couple had separated back in 2011. After breaking up with her husband, Jennifer had a long relationship with the choreographer Casper Smart. Wasted no time lost and Anthony, in February this year he meets Chloe Green.

Performer "Dance again" talked about her painful break up with Mark. She remembers that period as a time of depression: "It was hard to get up in the morning, just incredibly difficult. When you're always depressed and sad - it's very difficult. I physically felt like my life was crumbling. "

paparazzi: Sienna Miller had a party for my birthday Tom Sturridge

There is a sign - not to congratulate in advance happy birthday. But it looks like Sienna Miller decided she did not follow. Yesterday she had a party at London's Notting Hill in honor of her boyfriend Tom Sturridge.

Sienna Miller

In fact, birthday volume accounted for 21 December - two weeks Sturridge celebrates 28 years. At the same time, the very elect Siena over 4 years.

Sturridge to celebrate a birthday in private. His girlfriend organizer invited Robert Pattinson and Kara Devlin. Photographers captured the company already after the holiday ended - leaving the nightclub.

Recall Sienna Miller and Tom Sturridge have been together for almost three years - in February 2011, she broke up with her ex-boyfriend Jude Law, and already May have pictures of Siena and Tom kissing in Venice, taken by paparazzi.

Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller

gossip: Miley Cyrus misses for ex boyfriend

Young Miley Cyrus, like a magnet, attracts not only attention, but also the limitless love of his fans. But here on the personal front, things are much less successful. Trusted sources say that Miley still misses for ex boyfriend.

Recall that the couple broke up in autumn 2013 after more than a year after it announced their engagement. And all because Liam Hemsworth did not approve of the behavior of Miley open to the public. Rumored to be the last straw for Liam was scandalous performance of his beloved at MTV VMA, and released after frank singer clip for the song Wrecking Ball. Jealous, it means love?

But that ignites even more excitement around the couple, it is rumored that the star of "The Hunger Games" is still attracted to his ex-fiancee - as reported by insiders, Liam still "has feelings ».

According to rumors, Cyrus and Hemsworth was recently a secret rendezvous. Stars met in one of the restaurants in Los Angeles and behaved as if were still a couple. And rendezvous appointed Liam. Do insanely sexy actor missed his crazy ex-passion and now begs her to give their relationship is probably the hundredth chance?

Course, we all know the situation, when we are alone begin to miss the man, who still love. And in the case of Lima and Miley seems rapprochement in the offing.

Eva Longoria new boyfriend

Eva Longoria

Eve noticed the first time with the new cavalier in November. Now the model has only confirmed the rumors, moving out Jose Antonio Baston.

Affable 45-year-old businessman was accompanied by a modest 38-year-old actress, who congratulated the culprit pm - Photographer Randal Slevina on whose show they came. Couple first studiously avoided the paparazzi to avoid being photographed together. But still cherished picture was obtained. This is the second time in love officially appear together at an outdoor event.

Baston - president of the largest media companies in Latin America, "Televisa". Previously couple already noticed in restaurants, and say they are very passionate about each other.

Model and actress Eva Longoria was married: from 2002 to 2004 to actor Tyler Christopher, from 2006 to 2010 - for the basketball player Tony Parker .

Eva Longoria new boyfriend

Jennifer Garner and Reese Witherspoon at a charity even

Jennifer Garner and Reese Witherspoon
Jennifer Garner and Reese Witherspoon
In Beverly Hills yesterday hosted a charity evening California Children's Defense Fund. At the annual event called Beat The Odds, which, incidentally, has been held for the 23rd time, visited Jennifer Garner, Matt Damon and Reese Witherspoon.

Star guests of this event brings together the fact that they are all large families parents (all three have three children), so their appearance at an event dedicated to children and youth, it is quite logical.

Beat The Odds Program aims to support and scholarships to students demonstrating outstanding achievements in their studies.

Reese Witherspoon 

Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner

Test drive from Sienna Miller: the star in car ads

Sienna Miller in car ads

Sienna Miller was the star of a new advertising campaign classic car model Ford Mustang, which is the first time in its 50-year history of entering the European market.

British celebrities have entrusted the first test cars: she starred in the video series and became the heroine of the cult photographer Rankin .

According Sienna in her life, too indifferent to the beautiful cars:

When I'm in America, I always take it for rent "Mustang". This iconic and very beautiful car.

Recall that the last time we saw Miller in the campaign Burberry: for the British fashion brand she co-starred with her fiance Tom Sturridge.

Sienna Miller in car ads

Sienna Miller in car ads

Sienna Miller in car ads

Sienna Miller in car ads

Sienna Miller in car ads

British did not want Britney Spears

t seems the days of glory are over Britney Spears. British teenage girls who knew by heart all the top hits of Britney obviously grown and changed the taste.

During the first day after the release of her new album «Britney Jean» was sold only 6.4 million copies and is subject to pre-order. If the trend continues, then this week will buy almost 50,000. Such a result could seriously hit to the ego of the singer.

Example, her fellow music shop Katie Perry and Lady Gaga albums apart, like hotcakes. For example, in the first week after the plate Katie Perry managed to sell about 270,000 albums. The same applies to records Lady Gaga.

Even now, it is safe to say that with respect to the previous albums «Britney Jean» megaprovalnym be considered. Even her album «Femme Fatale», released in 2011, despite the sea of ​​criticism, has sold 276,000 in its first week.

At the same time, at home, things are a little better in the first week of sales is going to sell about 120,000 copies. This will give her the opportunity to get into the top three of the charts «Billboard 200". But on the tops British charts pop singer can forget.

Lana Del Rey talked about the future plate

Popular singer and teen idol Lana Del Rey at the Hollywood Premiere of tape «Tropico» officially confirmed that releases a new album. At a press conference, answering a question about how and when fans can finally hear the new album, the singer said that soon will see the light of her new creation. Moreover, she opened a secret and announced the title of the new album.

Lana Del Rey called her «Ultraviolence».
Release is scheduled for next year. All other details are still secret.
Recall that the video project «Tropico» will be the final point of the acclaimed album album «Born To Die». The film's director Entoni Mander, the singer has already removed some clips.
Also sauntrek visuals to become «Bel Air», «Body Electric», «Gods & Monsters» - a song from last year's «Paradise».
The site fan group has characteristics of this accomodation that mini-movie can be seen Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, and even Jesus.

Lana Del Rey

Charlize Theron, Barack Obama and other celebrities remember Nelson Mandela

Tonight learned of the death of one of the oldest and most politicians of the world famous human rights activists Nelson Mandela.

Former South African president, died at age 95 years from a lung infection at his home in Johannesburg. In the last minutes of life with Madiba (Mandela also known as Madiba - one of the names of the Xhosa clan) were his relatives.

Friends, colleagues and acquaintances do not cease to give tribute to Mandela through social networks.

Barack Obama:

He achieved much more than you would expect from any man. He no longer belongs to us, he is among the angels.

Bill Clinton:

I will never forget my friend Madiba. 

Bill Clinton and Nelson Mandela
Charlize Theron:

My thoughts and love are now with his family Mandela. Relax, Madiba. We'll miss you, but your impact on this world will never forget.

Nelson Mandela and Charlize Theron
Melanie C (ex-singer of the group Spice Girls):

I always feel weird, recognizing someone's death in Twitter, but I must say that I had the honor to meet the great Nelson Mandela.

Ex-partner Melanie B singer also left a post in social networks:

We lost someone really surprising - a soul, what kind of person. I will never forget our conversations with him and himself. Today is a sad day for me.

Group Spice Girls, Prince Charles and Nelson Mandela

Britney Spears:

Nelson Mandela was an inspiration to all mankind. It will truly be missed.

Bill Gates:

Whenever I Melinda (Melinda French Gates - businesswoman and philanthropist, wife of Bill Gates - approx. ) met Nelson Mandela, we were more inspired than ever before. His grace and courage changed the world. Today is a sad day.

Samuel L. Jackson:

never met in my life a better man than Nelson Mandela. I offer my condolences to his family and country.

Cristiano Ronaldo:

Noble Madiba - you are our heritage and our example. You will stay with us forever. 

Cristiano Ronaldo and Nelson Mandela
Goldie Hawn:

In this world, the lights went out. Eternal memory to Nelson Mandela, who is now with the other angels.

Cindy Crawford:

Rest in peace, Nelson Mandela, a true hero.