Dec 6, 2013

Jennifer Lopez wants to return his name

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez wants to reclaim his name officially. Famous actress and singer no longer wishes to be associated with ex-husband Marc Anthony in any way, especially to wear his name on official documents.

After a failed marriage, the artist wished to return to her maiden name Lopez, who, besides, there are stage name stars.

According to the website TMZ, Jennifer and Mark in their divorce suits have expressed a desire for joint custody of their children, Emma and Max.

44-year-old Mark filed for divorce in April last year, despite the fact that the couple had separated back in 2011. After breaking up with her husband, Jennifer had a long relationship with the choreographer Casper Smart. Wasted no time lost and Anthony, in February this year he meets Chloe Green.

Performer "Dance again" talked about her painful break up with Mark. She remembers that period as a time of depression: "It was hard to get up in the morning, just incredibly difficult. When you're always depressed and sad - it's very difficult. I physically felt like my life was crumbling. "