Dec 6, 2013

Lana Del Rey talked about the future plate

Popular singer and teen idol Lana Del Rey at the Hollywood Premiere of tape «Tropico» officially confirmed that releases a new album. At a press conference, answering a question about how and when fans can finally hear the new album, the singer said that soon will see the light of her new creation. Moreover, she opened a secret and announced the title of the new album.

Lana Del Rey called her «Ultraviolence».
Release is scheduled for next year. All other details are still secret.
Recall that the video project «Tropico» will be the final point of the acclaimed album album «Born To Die». The film's director Entoni Mander, the singer has already removed some clips.
Also sauntrek visuals to become «Bel Air», «Body Electric», «Gods & Monsters» - a song from last year's «Paradise».
The site fan group has characteristics of this accomodation that mini-movie can be seen Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, and even Jesus.

Lana Del Rey