Dec 6, 2013

British did not want Britney Spears

t seems the days of glory are over Britney Spears. British teenage girls who knew by heart all the top hits of Britney obviously grown and changed the taste.

During the first day after the release of her new album «Britney Jean» was sold only 6.4 million copies and is subject to pre-order. If the trend continues, then this week will buy almost 50,000. Such a result could seriously hit to the ego of the singer.

Example, her fellow music shop Katie Perry and Lady Gaga albums apart, like hotcakes. For example, in the first week after the plate Katie Perry managed to sell about 270,000 albums. The same applies to records Lady Gaga.

Even now, it is safe to say that with respect to the previous albums «Britney Jean» megaprovalnym be considered. Even her album «Femme Fatale», released in 2011, despite the sea of ​​criticism, has sold 276,000 in its first week.

At the same time, at home, things are a little better in the first week of sales is going to sell about 120,000 copies. This will give her the opportunity to get into the top three of the charts «Billboard 200". But on the tops British charts pop singer can forget.