Dec 6, 2013

Charlize Theron, Barack Obama and other celebrities remember Nelson Mandela

Tonight learned of the death of one of the oldest and most politicians of the world famous human rights activists Nelson Mandela.

Former South African president, died at age 95 years from a lung infection at his home in Johannesburg. In the last minutes of life with Madiba (Mandela also known as Madiba - one of the names of the Xhosa clan) were his relatives.

Friends, colleagues and acquaintances do not cease to give tribute to Mandela through social networks.

Barack Obama:

He achieved much more than you would expect from any man. He no longer belongs to us, he is among the angels.

Bill Clinton:

I will never forget my friend Madiba. 

Bill Clinton and Nelson Mandela
Charlize Theron:

My thoughts and love are now with his family Mandela. Relax, Madiba. We'll miss you, but your impact on this world will never forget.

Nelson Mandela and Charlize Theron
Melanie C (ex-singer of the group Spice Girls):

I always feel weird, recognizing someone's death in Twitter, but I must say that I had the honor to meet the great Nelson Mandela.

Ex-partner Melanie B singer also left a post in social networks:

We lost someone really surprising - a soul, what kind of person. I will never forget our conversations with him and himself. Today is a sad day for me.

Group Spice Girls, Prince Charles and Nelson Mandela

Britney Spears:

Nelson Mandela was an inspiration to all mankind. It will truly be missed.

Bill Gates:

Whenever I Melinda (Melinda French Gates - businesswoman and philanthropist, wife of Bill Gates - approx. ) met Nelson Mandela, we were more inspired than ever before. His grace and courage changed the world. Today is a sad day.

Samuel L. Jackson:

never met in my life a better man than Nelson Mandela. I offer my condolences to his family and country.

Cristiano Ronaldo:

Noble Madiba - you are our heritage and our example. You will stay with us forever. 

Cristiano Ronaldo and Nelson Mandela
Goldie Hawn:

In this world, the lights went out. Eternal memory to Nelson Mandela, who is now with the other angels.

Cindy Crawford:

Rest in peace, Nelson Mandela, a true hero.