Dec 6, 2013

gossip: Miley Cyrus misses for ex boyfriend

Young Miley Cyrus, like a magnet, attracts not only attention, but also the limitless love of his fans. But here on the personal front, things are much less successful. Trusted sources say that Miley still misses for ex boyfriend.

Recall that the couple broke up in autumn 2013 after more than a year after it announced their engagement. And all because Liam Hemsworth did not approve of the behavior of Miley open to the public. Rumored to be the last straw for Liam was scandalous performance of his beloved at MTV VMA, and released after frank singer clip for the song Wrecking Ball. Jealous, it means love?

But that ignites even more excitement around the couple, it is rumored that the star of "The Hunger Games" is still attracted to his ex-fiancee - as reported by insiders, Liam still "has feelings ».

According to rumors, Cyrus and Hemsworth was recently a secret rendezvous. Stars met in one of the restaurants in Los Angeles and behaved as if were still a couple. And rendezvous appointed Liam. Do insanely sexy actor missed his crazy ex-passion and now begs her to give their relationship is probably the hundredth chance?

Course, we all know the situation, when we are alone begin to miss the man, who still love. And in the case of Lima and Miley seems rapprochement in the offing.