Oct 22, 2013

Victoria Bonia almost fell asleep during childbirth

TV presenter Victoria Bonia shared a story about how her daughter was born, Angelina, Leticia. It turns out that the star birth could be the envy of many moms who were tormented with their first-born to 16 hours at a time, as a responsible minute Bonia almost overslept.

Vick admitted that, unlike many pregnant women are not worried about childbirth, or wrap themselves in the fact that the child will be something wrong, "Some people are afraid to give birth, because they think the child will suddenly six fingers or three hands. I did not have such fears, "- says the star.

But, after reading about what some girl during labor drawn to the dream, the star of thought," That would be me so much "- and, as it turned out, "cryptic" his future. "I was taken to the hospital, but I was terribly sleepy. The doctor begins to talk to me, give some indication, and I think, "Yeah leave me alone, let me sleep," - says Vika.

Also fine lady talked about how surprised when I saw that her dark-haired baby was born - she expected her to bring the blonde child. "My God, I thought I would be more beautiful," - said Bonia then, and it is worth saying a similar response shriveled mladenchika not cause it alone. However, as is usually the case, then the child is prettier: it described itself as Victoria, "it has become flatten and grow".

By the way, Vick says that her lover Alex Smurfit terribly upset when he learned that they it's a girl - like many men, he wanted a son. Bonia even filmed on the phone to his sad face and threatened once to show baby how the pope was "pleased" to her. However, Alex's disappointment had passed, as soon as he saw the daughter - now he is madly in love with her child, shows off a happy mom.

Victoria Bonia almost fell asleep during childbirth

Alexander Skarsgard - the new 'production' Taylor Swift?

Alexander Skarsgard

Taylor Swift is known, is in the eternal search for and diligently completes his collection of cavaliers new "instances". The other day a star, which is currently filming in Cape Town, South Africa, filmed during dinner with the man in whom the Western media identified the actor Alexander Skarsgard.

Until, of course, too early to say that Skarsgard and Swift novel, but this possibility can not be ruled out. Especially remembering that the young lady had a particular fondness for partners to set.

Alexander Skarsgard removed from Taylor in the film "The Giver" Philip Noyce, who is due for release in 2014. Besides these, there are involved such notorious actors like Katie Holmes, Meryl Streep and Jeff Bridges.

That's what was difficult to check the paparazzi

Alexander Skarsgard

Alexander Skarsgard

Alexander Skarsgard

Alexander Skarsgard

Alexander Skarsgard

Alexander Skarsgard

Gwyneth Paltrow denies accusations of adultery

Gwyneth Paltrow accusations

Paparazzi are interested in a strong friendship with the American actress billionaire.

Gwyneth Paltrow admits that her family life is far from ideal. Now, however, the movie star has to defend himself against charges that she cheated on her husband, singer Chris Martin, an American billionaire.

In life, Gwyneth Paltrow is now difficult period. It all started with the fact that the magazine Vanity Fair decided to write about her great stuff. Usually such advertising show business are pleased, but Gwyneth categorically opposed, because I was afraid that journalists write about it a lot of unflattering. She even wrote a letter to all your friends asking them not to comment and did not answer questions about it if it will appeal to journalists from Vanity Fair.

In particular, the actress did not like that the magazine is interested in her strong friendship with billionaire Florida's Jeff Soffer. It is rumored that a close relationship between them emerged in 2008, when he opened the hotel "Fontainebleau" in Miami.

If you follow the adage that there is no smoke without fire and that Gwyneth otherwise would not have worried, between her and billionaire was really something.

representative Gwyneth Paltrow named hints of romance between Gwyneth and Soffer "big lie" and said that they - good friends.

43-year-old Jeff Soffer, reminds Daily Telegraph, married this year on the former supermodel Elle Macpherson.

Konchalovsky's daughter and Vysotsky had an accident on the day of the death of his grandmother

The news that Andrei Konchalovsky and Julia Vysotsky had an accident in the south of France remains in the top news. After all, in a traffic accident suffered 12-year-old daughter of the director and presenter Maria, for her life, doctors are now struggling Marseille clinic. The girl has already spent a week in intensive care in critical condition and has not regained consciousness. Today, Oct. 21, it was reported that the accident occurred in a difficult day for the family. Exactly 25 years ago, October 12, 1988, my mother passed away Andrei Sergeyevich - writer Natalia Konchalovskaya. And the family that day was commemorated her. Natalya Petrovna - known children's poet and translator of the famous family of Russian artists. Father Konchalovsky Pyotr Konchalovsky was, his grandfather on his mother - the artist Vasily Surikov.

Konchalovskaya married the then budding children's writer Sergei Mikhalkov, being 10 years of age or older. Two sons from this marriage - Andrew and Nikita - became well-known directors.

Konchalovsky's daughter and Vysotsky had an accident

Recall rent a "Mercedes", driven by a self Andrei Konchalovsky, a head-on collision turned into a pile of metal. Car traveling in the opposite two elderly French. From hitting 80-year-old driver and a passenger received a concussion. An elderly couple was hospitalized, but after all the surveys sent home.

Most of all accidents suffered Masha girl was not wearing a seat belt. To quickly bring the victim to the emergency room, needed a helicopter. French physicians now are fighting for the life of Mary. Parents live in the hospital next to her daughter.

In Andrei Konchalovsky production center to comment on the incident continued to refuse.

Victoria Beckham will issue the family mansion in the style of Coco Chanel

Victoria Beckham

The former singer-turned-designer Victoria Beckham intends to spend a tidy sum to renovate the mansion Holland Park, west London. Star plans to issue the family nest in the style of Coco Chanel's Paris apartment.

Source close to Star reported that Beckham has big plans:

She wants her house to look like Coco Chanel's Paris apartment, it her favorite place in the world. She loves elegant stylish decor: large mirrors and chandeliers, white marble and black lacquered tiles.
According to the informant, Victoria not only wants to create a stylish home, it also tends to make it functional and pleasing to all members of the family:

She plans to create a large professional kitchen for David, who loves to cook. She also wants her home was a workshop where she could create their outfits.
Recall that not so long ago, the Beckhams have sold for $ 19 million in his mansion Hardforshir county in the south-east of England, to which journalists was given the name "Buckingham Palace." The family lived in this house since 1999, and now, David, Victoria and their four children will settle in Holland Park in London.

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham

scandal: Rihanna photoshoot in Abu Dhabi ended in scandal

Rihanna photoshoot in Abu Dhabi ended in scandal

Just yesterday we enjoyed the stunning pictures of Rihanna from Abu Dhabi. However themed photoshoot ended for the pop star's scandal: the actress kicked out of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in the capital of the United Arab Emirates arranged for her to shoot. The administration considered the behavior of complex Riri inappropriate and disrespectful.

As it turned out, an unfortunate incident occurred on Saturday, but learned about it only now.

Rihanna arrived in Abu Dhabi with concerts and leisure time from work decided to visit the main attraction of the city. For a private visit to the mosque singer chose jumpsuit from Stella McCartney, who strongly resembled a traditional Arab women for a modest black robe. However, the administration of the mosque in his statement said that baring attire rather than conceal star shape.

Even worse were the poses that Rihanna has taken during a photo shoot: the staff of the mosque found them too outspoken and demanded to immediately leave the sacred Riri territory.

But it seems that the singer did not hurt what has happened, because after just a day artist has placed in my Instagram photos of the mosque. In addition, she did not react to recent media information.

Lara Fabian: after admission, the singer is doing better!

Lara Fabian

His fans breathe: After the brutal cancellation of his concert Sunday night, Lara Fabian takes the bull by the horns!

Panic on board Sunday, October 20: This day, Lara Fabian is expected in the town of Auxerre, where she was to give a representation in his French tour. Unfortunately, a bad time against just win: "How sad, I can not go to Auxerre ... The concern yesterday was well beyond a technical problem ... I go to the Hospital earlier ... For a serious concern to the inner ear ... I want you to know, "she let go on his Facebook account on Sunday evening.

Without more details, the bomb is dropped and fans are worried by the hundreds on the social network, "worries that happen to you yesterday was followed with sadness and we are really sorry for this situation we just want to give you our support and. our testimonies of affection ",
commented one user.

The present day in Dijon, the singer of 43 years had actually encountered some difficulties: "At 20:45, Lara warns us in voiceover that the technique is HS and it can not start If concerns persist, she said that. it will cancel the concert and improvise the evening piano voice. Lara sings and we see immediately that the problems are there. train She sees serious and even shed tears of disappointment, "explains a disappointed fan on Sign Up
Today over stress:. Lara Fabian gets better! On the same post, and his team is responsible for providing reassuring news: "Lara is supported by the best ENT specialists is a serious problem but should be fit in a few days Thanks for all.. messages of support, it greatly affects the "communicates do we.

awaited in a few days in Uzbekistan and Russia, Lara Fabian should soon get back on stage. Will it healed in time? We wish him all heart!

Cressida Bonas invited to the christening of Prince George?

Cressida Bonas

The Brits are looking forward to when Prince Harry will officially announce the name of his lady, and Cressida Bonas seems quite happy with the audience in the role. Journalists are already predicting the imminent news of the engagement, and now are wondering: if a friend invited the prince to tomorrow's baptism ceremony of his nephew?

Recall that the christening of Prince George will be held at St. James's Palace in London, but on the guest list so far nothing moreover it is not known that there are only about sixty names. Many relatives of the queen did not receive an invitation to this event, so if you will be among the guests Cressida, then, rumors of an impending engagement, and the truth, are without foundation.

According to sources close to the Crown family, then invited Bonas to the ceremony and subsequent gala dinner for her, but too sorry about it. Interlocutor Mail newspaper says:
She is very, very nervous. Harry wants her to be present and is expected to be close.
According to a source, Prince assures her friend that his brother William and his wife Catherine are very eager to see her at the party. Cressida is afraid that her presence at the ceremony, the family will mean a formal appearance in the light as the bride of Harry. Cope with the excitement of a girl - find out tomorrow. View

Cressida Bonas

Kelly Clarkson married

Kelly Clarkson married 2013

Kelly Clarkson on Sunday married her boyfriend, Brandon Blackstock, as reported yesterday fans. The wedding took place in a beautiful hotel near Nashville, Tennessee.

On Monday, the singer wrote in his Twitter account:
I am officially Mrs. Blackstock. We were married in Blackberry Farms - the most beautiful place on earth!
Kelly also shared with fans of the first photos from the celebration, during which she wore a dress by designer Alice Temperley.

Clarkson and Blackstock together about two years, they met in 2006 during a ceremony American Country Music Awards, where the singer's future husband was present as a manager (Brandon as well as Kelly, working in the music industry).

In December last year, 35-year-old boyfriend, 31-year-old star made her an offer, and Clarkson said in an interview that their wedding will be a quiet family holiday.

Kelly Clarkson married

Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson married 2013

Zemfira: 'I will never return to growth'


Zemfira's concert yesterday in Rostov-on-Don, the singer ended promise never to come to this city. Fulfilling the encore song "Arivederchi," the singer changed the line of the song and sang:
I will never return to Rostov.
As reported in blogs, Zemfira was unhappy with the way the audience behaved during concert. Gathered in the Rostov Sports Palace fans heckled the singer actress during a speech and required to perform songs that are more to their liking. The singer was outraged by this behavior and even retired from the stage, and when she returned just sang the song "Arivederchi" by changing the chorus of "I'll never go back home".

In addition, in the middle of the concert happened technical problems: Stopped work part of the equipment.

also previously reported in the media about the conflict with the director of Zemfira GBR "Sport-Don" David Zilberman. The news that the singer denied the opportunity to performances at the Rostov court without explanation shared the singer herself. On his website, she wrote:
first time in 14 years of my life I live across such outrage - a man plucks event, contact is not coming, says "decided".
But after meeting Silberman with the Governor of the Rostov Region Vasily Golubev, it was announced that the concert will still take place.

Recall that on February 14 at Zemfira's new album "Living in your head." Currently actress is in a concert tour in support of the album.