Oct 22, 2013

scandal: Rihanna photoshoot in Abu Dhabi ended in scandal

Rihanna photoshoot in Abu Dhabi ended in scandal

Just yesterday we enjoyed the stunning pictures of Rihanna from Abu Dhabi. However themed photoshoot ended for the pop star's scandal: the actress kicked out of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in the capital of the United Arab Emirates arranged for her to shoot. The administration considered the behavior of complex Riri inappropriate and disrespectful.

As it turned out, an unfortunate incident occurred on Saturday, but learned about it only now.

Rihanna arrived in Abu Dhabi with concerts and leisure time from work decided to visit the main attraction of the city. For a private visit to the mosque singer chose jumpsuit from Stella McCartney, who strongly resembled a traditional Arab women for a modest black robe. However, the administration of the mosque in his statement said that baring attire rather than conceal star shape.

Even worse were the poses that Rihanna has taken during a photo shoot: the staff of the mosque found them too outspoken and demanded to immediately leave the sacred Riri territory.

But it seems that the singer did not hurt what has happened, because after just a day artist has placed in my Instagram photos of the mosque. In addition, she did not react to recent media information.