Oct 22, 2013

Victoria Bonia almost fell asleep during childbirth

TV presenter Victoria Bonia shared a story about how her daughter was born, Angelina, Leticia. It turns out that the star birth could be the envy of many moms who were tormented with their first-born to 16 hours at a time, as a responsible minute Bonia almost overslept.

Vick admitted that, unlike many pregnant women are not worried about childbirth, or wrap themselves in the fact that the child will be something wrong, "Some people are afraid to give birth, because they think the child will suddenly six fingers or three hands. I did not have such fears, "- says the star.

But, after reading about what some girl during labor drawn to the dream, the star of thought," That would be me so much "- and, as it turned out, "cryptic" his future. "I was taken to the hospital, but I was terribly sleepy. The doctor begins to talk to me, give some indication, and I think, "Yeah leave me alone, let me sleep," - says Vika.

Also fine lady talked about how surprised when I saw that her dark-haired baby was born - she expected her to bring the blonde child. "My God, I thought I would be more beautiful," - said Bonia then, and it is worth saying a similar response shriveled mladenchika not cause it alone. However, as is usually the case, then the child is prettier: it described itself as Victoria, "it has become flatten and grow".

By the way, Vick says that her lover Alex Smurfit terribly upset when he learned that they it's a girl - like many men, he wanted a son. Bonia even filmed on the phone to his sad face and threatened once to show baby how the pope was "pleased" to her. However, Alex's disappointment had passed, as soon as he saw the daughter - now he is madly in love with her child, shows off a happy mom.

Victoria Bonia almost fell asleep during childbirth