Oct 22, 2013

Zemfira: 'I will never return to growth'


Zemfira's concert yesterday in Rostov-on-Don, the singer ended promise never to come to this city. Fulfilling the encore song "Arivederchi," the singer changed the line of the song and sang:
I will never return to Rostov.
As reported in blogs, Zemfira was unhappy with the way the audience behaved during concert. Gathered in the Rostov Sports Palace fans heckled the singer actress during a speech and required to perform songs that are more to their liking. The singer was outraged by this behavior and even retired from the stage, and when she returned just sang the song "Arivederchi" by changing the chorus of "I'll never go back home".

In addition, in the middle of the concert happened technical problems: Stopped work part of the equipment.

also previously reported in the media about the conflict with the director of Zemfira GBR "Sport-Don" David Zilberman. The news that the singer denied the opportunity to performances at the Rostov court without explanation shared the singer herself. On his website, she wrote:
first time in 14 years of my life I live across such outrage - a man plucks event, contact is not coming, says "decided".
But after meeting Silberman with the Governor of the Rostov Region Vasily Golubev, it was announced that the concert will still take place.

Recall that on February 14 at Zemfira's new album "Living in your head." Currently actress is in a concert tour in support of the album.