Oct 22, 2013

Konchalovsky's daughter and Vysotsky had an accident on the day of the death of his grandmother

The news that Andrei Konchalovsky and Julia Vysotsky had an accident in the south of France remains in the top news. After all, in a traffic accident suffered 12-year-old daughter of the director and presenter Maria, for her life, doctors are now struggling Marseille clinic. The girl has already spent a week in intensive care in critical condition and has not regained consciousness. Today, Oct. 21, it was reported that the accident occurred in a difficult day for the family. Exactly 25 years ago, October 12, 1988, my mother passed away Andrei Sergeyevich - writer Natalia Konchalovskaya. And the family that day was commemorated her. Natalya Petrovna - known children's poet and translator of the famous family of Russian artists. Father Konchalovsky Pyotr Konchalovsky was, his grandfather on his mother - the artist Vasily Surikov.

Konchalovskaya married the then budding children's writer Sergei Mikhalkov, being 10 years of age or older. Two sons from this marriage - Andrew and Nikita - became well-known directors.

Konchalovsky's daughter and Vysotsky had an accident

Recall rent a "Mercedes", driven by a self Andrei Konchalovsky, a head-on collision turned into a pile of metal. Car traveling in the opposite two elderly French. From hitting 80-year-old driver and a passenger received a concussion. An elderly couple was hospitalized, but after all the surveys sent home.

Most of all accidents suffered Masha girl was not wearing a seat belt. To quickly bring the victim to the emergency room, needed a helicopter. French physicians now are fighting for the life of Mary. Parents live in the hospital next to her daughter.

In Andrei Konchalovsky production center to comment on the incident continued to refuse.