Oct 22, 2013

Cressida Bonas invited to the christening of Prince George?

Cressida Bonas

The Brits are looking forward to when Prince Harry will officially announce the name of his lady, and Cressida Bonas seems quite happy with the audience in the role. Journalists are already predicting the imminent news of the engagement, and now are wondering: if a friend invited the prince to tomorrow's baptism ceremony of his nephew?

Recall that the christening of Prince George will be held at St. James's Palace in London, but on the guest list so far nothing moreover it is not known that there are only about sixty names. Many relatives of the queen did not receive an invitation to this event, so if you will be among the guests Cressida, then, rumors of an impending engagement, and the truth, are without foundation.

According to sources close to the Crown family, then invited Bonas to the ceremony and subsequent gala dinner for her, but too sorry about it. Interlocutor Mail newspaper says:
She is very, very nervous. Harry wants her to be present and is expected to be close.
According to a source, Prince assures her friend that his brother William and his wife Catherine are very eager to see her at the party. Cressida is afraid that her presence at the ceremony, the family will mean a formal appearance in the light as the bride of Harry. Cope with the excitement of a girl - find out tomorrow. View

Cressida Bonas