Aug 2, 2015

Interview of Inna Zhirkov magazine HELLO!

Interview of Inna Zhirkov magazine HELLO

In September, Inna Zhirkov become a mother for the third time. Winner of "Mrs Russia-2012" and designer rightly believed that pregnancy is a great excuse to go to the sea. While her husband, football player Yuri Zhirkov was in training camp, Inna took a plane ticket and flew to the United Arab Emirates.

-INA, you just 26 years old, and you are expecting third child! In our days it is perhaps uncommon, many women only after 30 think about family.

-I often joke that I am waiting for is not the third and eighth child! The fact is that I have five godchildren whom I love very much. The big family I dreamt of since childhood. When we met with the Jura, I was only 17. A year later we were married and have decided not to delay childbearing. I am not interested in nightclubs, a secular party. Much more I enjoy spending time with children.

-As reported by her husband the good news?

Interview of Inna Zhirkov magazine HELLO

-We have long planned another child, and I wanted to Jura learned about it in a romantic setting. But it didn't work. I was in Kaliningrad and parents suddenly came into the hospital with pneumonia. Jure phoned in tears said it all. The husband reassured me made gather strength. In Moscow I had a fairly long lay in the hospital, but everything worked out.

-INA, you look fine. As it is now caring for him?

-On beauty salons I do not go, I feel sorry for wasting time on it. Love bath-dad prepares me homemade coffee scrub, honey and oils. So for beautiful skin you can say thank you. With regard to the figures, I am not very worried. When I'm not pregnant, I can spend the day on kefir or on the water, I don't have obsessive thoughts about food. Now, of course, all the time I want something to eat. And once I decide that today limit yourself, just get nervous and irritable. So anyway it and sweet and flour. In the first two pregnancies I gained by 35 kilograms. After Milan, weighed 90! Decided to go to the competition "Mrs. Russia" to prove to myself that I can bring back the old shape and become attractive again. Now I'll have to look for a new incentive to lose weight fast.

On the other hand, what's the difference-raspolnela, streamers or cellulite. All of this nonsense, I have wonderful children.

-You already know the sex of the unborn child?

-At the very beginning of the pregnancy I dreamed that I keep on hand the little boy. And everyone who I told about this, saying: "you'll see will be all the way around, bring forth a daughter". But it turned out that the dream was prophetic! I trusted to choose husband Jure and son Dima. By the way, the son all the time talking to the baby. (Smiling.) Tells him about everything and constantly asked whether he cries with me? When leaving from home, Dima first kisses me goodbye and then hugs and kisses my belly: "Brother, yet! I'm really at home with mom. "
pregnant Inna Zhirkov

pregnant Inna Zhirkov

Wedding of Tatiana navka and Dmitry Peskov: video of the kiss and the clock scandal

Wedding of Tatiana navka and Dmitry Peskov: video of the kiss and the clock scandal

Wedding of Tatiana navka skater and Vladimir Putin's Press-Secretary Dmitry Peskov will long remain one of the most talked about events. No sooner had we consider first photos of events and admire the way Berlusconi threw the bride's bouquet, as online real scandal erupted.
The reason the scandal-wrist watch Dmitry Peskov, in which experts see model worth 37 million rubles. Peskova immediately started blaming all mortal sins, which, of course, called there and corruption. But evil tongues short-lived could base their guesses on where Press Secretary have such expensive things. Sands commented on the situation, saying that watches-gift Tatiana navka him to the wedding.

This is a gift from Tanya. Indeed, the watches are very expensive. But they are significantly cheaper than indicate some comrades,
- Sands said.

Bloggers on replied that found photo Peskova, made a few months ago. Them on a hand Press Secretary pronounced exactly the same hours. After this story with the clock took his friend to comment on Peskov said Oleg Mitvol, the author of most of the pictures from the wedding, walking on the Internet (including the photo below), stating that the watch Dmitry allegedly borrowed from a friend to "potrollit′".

The clock from the scandal go back to wedding romance. The network has a new video from the ceremony in which the lovers kissing under the applause of the guests. Tatiana has already managed to give an interview to one of the publications in which she feels the happiest bride in the world.

The wedding went perfectly, everything was very mentally, cute. Came all our friends: and my, and Dmitry Sergeevich, even childhood friends. Feel the happiest bride in the world. The great thing about that our little Nadyusha already walks, she acted, danced, it is a great happiness for her it will be a memory for life,
- Tatiana said.

Rihanna posted pics in a bikini

Rihanna posted pics in a bikini

The singer has published in its several new Selim photo, on which it spends time with best friend and we can say exactly what Riri figure worthy of admiration.

Rihanna is one of the few stars with enough lush but toned forms than the admiration of many. The singer has shared photos with the fans in a yellow bathing suit, which allow both should consider its shape.

By the way, to achieve such a body, the Barbados beauty makes herself to train every day at least half an hour. And that's eating habits did not limit itself to Rihanna so much. In the words of its chef, RiRi loves rice and chicken curry. She's not obsessed with perfect nutrition, but all her meals necessarily rich in vitamins.

Rihanna in a bikini

Tatiana Navka showed video from the wedding and photo with her younger daughter

Only yesterday in Sochi went home wedding this summer-skater Tatiana navka and Vladimir Putin's spokesman Dmitry Peskov exchanged vows allegiance and become husband and wife surrounded by hundreds of their friends and relatives.

Today we have already watched the first photos from the ceremony, which in their social networks shared with guests Navki and Peskov. And today already uploaded your Tatyana Instagram first photo from the wedding. The picture shows Dmitry and Tatiana, their daughter Hope, who was born last summer.

Thank you from me,

the athlete wrote under the photo.

The bride also shared a video of how she throws her wedding bouquet. By the way, if you look closely, the street throw out of the hands of Tatiana Navka crashes not only bouquet, but plucked with a wrist bracelet. We don't yet know who caught the treasured bouquet, but not less interesting to us, who clinched the fallen bracelet?

Tatiana Navka with her younger daughter

Beyoncé & Jay-Z: they expect their second baby at last?

Beyoncé & Jay-Z they expect their second baby at last

You want young

It's been three years now that Jay-Z and his wife of Beyoncé Knowles daughter Blue Ivy on the world welcomed. Since, it has become relatively quiet around the small family. Now provides a report for sedition, because who says that Beyoncé expecting their second baby.

The rumor mill cooks almost over, because the speculation to Knowles and Jay-ZS second child will not stop. The time for new talent couldn't be better in any case, finally, her first daughter is now three years old and would be delighted by new family growing at least as well as their parents. According to the report which cited the Hollywood life, the couple have undergone for months of artificial fertilization, which now apparently succeeded. Beyoncé has been observed lately, as she kept constantly protectively before her belly her hands. Is that the evidence of the alleged report? Also an insider confirmed to OK! This assumption: "afraid that someone could get it has you. She hide whenever she leaves the House. her belly"

There was no official confirmation of the pair. But also, there's a valid reason according to the source. Since Beyoncé had to already cope with a miscarriage, she would not challenge this time their luck. "You've been through so much, to arrive at this point, so they want to bite it not by they tell someone before reaching the 3-month mark", the informant said.

One can only hope that the couple was really blessed with a second baby and the public soon learns more.

Beyoncé second baby at last

Scarlett Johansson: Its lining in Avengers is a mountain of muscles!

Here's the one who is behind the waterfalls of the agile Black Widow...

Without it, Natasha Romanoff (aka Black Widow) would not be much in Avengers. And if talking priori of Scarlett Johansson, his interpreter on the screen, it will hear the name of Heidi Moneymaker. This young blonde of 37 years is the lining cascade of the American star. And it is she who puts at the service of the heroine, agility and power.

On Instagram, Marvel fans can immerse themselves in the world of this passionate stuntwoman bodybuilding and combat. We discover that this woman is a true mountain of muscles. Abdominals in concrete, very muscular like her long legs arms... Such carving compels admiration. If Heidi gives daily at the gym, it is for his job. As a voice actress body, she has already worked with Drew Barrymore on Charlie and his Charlie's Angels, Michelle Rodriguez (in Fast & Furious 7) and to a lesser extent, with Julianne Moore in Hunger Games.

Since 2010 she also double Scarlett Johansson, interpreter of the black widow in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Done so four films (Iron Man 2, Avengers, Captain America 2, Avengers 2) to which the athletic blonde ready her muscles in the mysterious Natasha. Since a few weeks, she is also alongside the wife of Romain Dauriac for the shooting of Civil War, the third installment of Captain America. And the two women get along wonderfully, especially if one believes this this bonus on the DVD of Captain America: the soldier of the winter where Scarlett explained that it and its lining "had merged to form a single person", both Heidi was also evident as Scarlett. Unlike that one is under the spotlight, when the other is in the shade. But what is important for Heidi Moneymaker, whose humility is quite striking on his Instagram. One that is regarded as one of the best cascadeuses in the world displays a newspaper that smacks of a lambda woman. The more pronounced muscles.