Aug 2, 2015

Wedding of Tatiana navka and Dmitry Peskov: video of the kiss and the clock scandal

Wedding of Tatiana navka and Dmitry Peskov: video of the kiss and the clock scandal

Wedding of Tatiana navka skater and Vladimir Putin's Press-Secretary Dmitry Peskov will long remain one of the most talked about events. No sooner had we consider first photos of events and admire the way Berlusconi threw the bride's bouquet, as online real scandal erupted.
The reason the scandal-wrist watch Dmitry Peskov, in which experts see model worth 37 million rubles. Peskova immediately started blaming all mortal sins, which, of course, called there and corruption. But evil tongues short-lived could base their guesses on where Press Secretary have such expensive things. Sands commented on the situation, saying that watches-gift Tatiana navka him to the wedding.

This is a gift from Tanya. Indeed, the watches are very expensive. But they are significantly cheaper than indicate some comrades,
- Sands said.

Bloggers on replied that found photo Peskova, made a few months ago. Them on a hand Press Secretary pronounced exactly the same hours. After this story with the clock took his friend to comment on Peskov said Oleg Mitvol, the author of most of the pictures from the wedding, walking on the Internet (including the photo below), stating that the watch Dmitry allegedly borrowed from a friend to "potrollit′".

The clock from the scandal go back to wedding romance. The network has a new video from the ceremony in which the lovers kissing under the applause of the guests. Tatiana has already managed to give an interview to one of the publications in which she feels the happiest bride in the world.

The wedding went perfectly, everything was very mentally, cute. Came all our friends: and my, and Dmitry Sergeevich, even childhood friends. Feel the happiest bride in the world. The great thing about that our little Nadyusha already walks, she acted, danced, it is a great happiness for her it will be a memory for life,
- Tatiana said.