Aug 2, 2015

Beyoncé & Jay-Z: they expect their second baby at last?

Beyoncé & Jay-Z they expect their second baby at last

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It's been three years now that Jay-Z and his wife of Beyoncé Knowles daughter Blue Ivy on the world welcomed. Since, it has become relatively quiet around the small family. Now provides a report for sedition, because who says that Beyoncé expecting their second baby.

The rumor mill cooks almost over, because the speculation to Knowles and Jay-ZS second child will not stop. The time for new talent couldn't be better in any case, finally, her first daughter is now three years old and would be delighted by new family growing at least as well as their parents. According to the report which cited the Hollywood life, the couple have undergone for months of artificial fertilization, which now apparently succeeded. Beyoncé has been observed lately, as she kept constantly protectively before her belly her hands. Is that the evidence of the alleged report? Also an insider confirmed to OK! This assumption: "afraid that someone could get it has you. She hide whenever she leaves the House. her belly"

There was no official confirmation of the pair. But also, there's a valid reason according to the source. Since Beyoncé had to already cope with a miscarriage, she would not challenge this time their luck. "You've been through so much, to arrive at this point, so they want to bite it not by they tell someone before reaching the 3-month mark", the informant said.

One can only hope that the couple was really blessed with a second baby and the public soon learns more.

Beyoncé second baby at last