Aug 2, 2015

Scarlett Johansson: Its lining in Avengers is a mountain of muscles!

Here's the one who is behind the waterfalls of the agile Black Widow...

Without it, Natasha Romanoff (aka Black Widow) would not be much in Avengers. And if talking priori of Scarlett Johansson, his interpreter on the screen, it will hear the name of Heidi Moneymaker. This young blonde of 37 years is the lining cascade of the American star. And it is she who puts at the service of the heroine, agility and power.

On Instagram, Marvel fans can immerse themselves in the world of this passionate stuntwoman bodybuilding and combat. We discover that this woman is a true mountain of muscles. Abdominals in concrete, very muscular like her long legs arms... Such carving compels admiration. If Heidi gives daily at the gym, it is for his job. As a voice actress body, she has already worked with Drew Barrymore on Charlie and his Charlie's Angels, Michelle Rodriguez (in Fast & Furious 7) and to a lesser extent, with Julianne Moore in Hunger Games.

Since 2010 she also double Scarlett Johansson, interpreter of the black widow in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Done so four films (Iron Man 2, Avengers, Captain America 2, Avengers 2) to which the athletic blonde ready her muscles in the mysterious Natasha. Since a few weeks, she is also alongside the wife of Romain Dauriac for the shooting of Civil War, the third installment of Captain America. And the two women get along wonderfully, especially if one believes this this bonus on the DVD of Captain America: the soldier of the winter where Scarlett explained that it and its lining "had merged to form a single person", both Heidi was also evident as Scarlett. Unlike that one is under the spotlight, when the other is in the shade. But what is important for Heidi Moneymaker, whose humility is quite striking on his Instagram. One that is regarded as one of the best cascadeuses in the world displays a newspaper that smacks of a lambda woman. The more pronounced muscles.