Rihanna posted pics in a bikini

Rihanna posted pics in a bikini

The singer has published in its several new Selim photo, on which it spends time with best friend and we can say exactly what Riri figure worthy of admiration.

Rihanna is one of the few stars with enough lush but toned forms than the admiration of many. The singer has shared photos with the fans in a yellow bathing suit, which allow both should consider its shape.

By the way, to achieve such a body, the Barbados beauty makes herself to train every day at least half an hour. And that's eating habits did not limit itself to Rihanna so much. In the words of its chef, RiRi loves rice and chicken curry. She's not obsessed with perfect nutrition, but all her meals necessarily rich in vitamins.

Rihanna in a bikini

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