Aug 13, 2014

Rita Ora could not speak at the Teen Choice Awards because of Calvin Harris

Looks like Rita Ora parting and Calvin Harris is not one of those who called peaceful. Earlier there were rumors that the ex-boyfriend singer prohibits use on her new album tracks written by him. And, apparently, these conversations are not far from the truth: Rita herself has confirmed that ex-boyfriend prevents she sang songs of his authorship.

Rita Ora could not speak at the Teen Choice Awards because of Calvin Harris

Ora gave an interview to a well-known leading Ryan Seacrest, who asked her why she never spoke at a recent ceremony Teen Choice Awards, which was going to sing his hit song I Will Never Let You Down.

Maria Kulikova and Denis Sailors were on the verge of divorce

One of the most striking and beautiful actor couple is on the verge of bursting. April 15, 2014 year actress Maria Kulikova filed an application in the Moscow Khoroshevskiy District Court for dissolution of marriage with her husband Denis Matrosovym.

Maria Kulikova and Denis Sailors were on the verge of divorce

For 14 years, Mariya KULIKOVA and Denis Matrosov seemed like the ideal couple. Almost three years ago, became the parents of the long-awaited son Wani. According to friends of the couple, the news of the couple's desire to divorce the actor shocked, he tried to communicate with the favorite, but the wife did not consent to the straight talk. So Denis regularly came to all the meetings of the Court, trying to find out why can fall apart their family. Although Sailors never shared his experiences with friends, they noticed a change in the actor: he was somehow lost, and in the eyes of a settled sadness.

July 28 meeting of the magistrate, where told that Matrosov Mariya KULIKOVA visor for divorce and the case is closed.

In the magazine "7 days" is an interview of Dennis, which he repeatedly adjusted, long ranged, but decided not to publish. Apparently, in their relationship with Mary is still not the final point, but an ellipsis of ...

Wow! Lily-rose Depp is already a real Lady

Johnny Depp daughter Lily-rose Depp is obviously no longer is the small, cute offspring of the past, it has now grown to a proper Lady!

Lily-rose Depp is already a real Lady

Since the pretty blonde takes not even adult, properly a particularly elaborate styling to already to look. Long legs with casual shorts wearing a simple, tight top, to - so the paparazzi caught the 15 years in their favorite pastime: shopping. Clearly, does what a young woman at this age also prefer? The other day she accompanied still Daddy's dearest amber heard While strolling through the boutiques.

Stylish way, even as a younger girl was Lily-rose. There, she wore already likes short shorts and simple, casual tops. But because the adjective fit but still rather "cute" to her as "elegant" and "womanly".

Lily-rose Depp

Lily-rose Depp is already a real Lady

ngel MOM lucky: Doutzen Kroes shows her sweet baby

Two weeks ago brought Doutzen Kroes and her little daughter Myllena Mae to the world. The model is visibly proud on their latest family growth and gives their fanbase in their luck. Now, the two-time Mama post a sweet picture of themselves and their little Princess.

Doutzen Kroes shows her sweet baby

Quite naturally and without an indication of makeup - Doutzen demonstrates on its latest photo on Instagram. With easy verwuschelter hairstyle but she is a happy smile surrounded by fluffy pillows. During her pregnancy, Doutzen was beautiful and also unvarnished looks Victoria's simply ravishing secret model. Why so blessed? Yes, because her little daughter peacefully sleeps on her stomach. "It's the best feeling in the world," she commented this sweet scene from their lives. The small head of Myllena Mae is already over and over covered with hairs that are as dark as those of Papa Sunnery James. If she inherits now the beauty of her Mama, a new super model grows here maybe.

Doutzen Kroes shows her sweet baby

Doutzen Kroes model

World Cup Hero Benedikt Höwedes had plastic surgery

Benedikt Höwedes is at least since the 2014 World Cup won in the public very present. Some diligent observers is next to the permanent grin, currently probably every national player legitimately creates the day, noticed that Benedict since the tournament always wears a cap on his head. This also has a good reason, because the kicker has undergone a hair transplant.

With just 26 years, the Schalke defender has decided to put an end to his problem area.
"Yes, I have subjected myself to a hair transplant., Why not?, I stand by it,"
 he told the image. At WM-times the receding hairline have been addressed, but Benedict had already previously employed with the thought:
 "I was anyway going to let make Of course, the hairline is clearly visible in the rain and I was then clear: Okay. , I'll do it right after the return. " 
By Jürgen Klopp, which has a similar transplant can make but that he had not been inspired.

Nicky Hilton marries James Rothschild

The younger sister of Paris Hilton getting married: 30-year-old Nikki Hilton got engaged with her boyfriend, a banker James Rothschild.

Great-granddaughter of Conrad Hilton, founder of Hilton hotels, and her lover, the equally renowned dynasty, along with the 2011 year. They met at the wedding of model Petra Ecclestone and James Stanta in Italy.

It is in this country recently went to rest themselves Nikki and James, and both times there was an offer. Insiders said that Rothschild invited Hilton to marry him on Lake Como, very romantic atmosphere:
They went by boat on Lake Como, and in that time, he got up on one knee and proposed to her. It was incredibly beautiful and romantic
By the way, James in advance notify its intention to the family Nikki. The same source added:
A month ago he flew from England, where he lives, to the States to ask parents of Nikki's hands.

Obviously, the bride's parents gave their consent, and now the pair will have to prepare for the wedding, which, we believe, will be more than a luxury.

Now the lovers travel through Europe, celebrating their engagement.


Nicky Hilton marries James Rothschild