Aug 13, 2014

World Cup Hero Benedikt Höwedes had plastic surgery

Benedikt Höwedes is at least since the 2014 World Cup won in the public very present. Some diligent observers is next to the permanent grin, currently probably every national player legitimately creates the day, noticed that Benedict since the tournament always wears a cap on his head. This also has a good reason, because the kicker has undergone a hair transplant.

With just 26 years, the Schalke defender has decided to put an end to his problem area.
"Yes, I have subjected myself to a hair transplant., Why not?, I stand by it,"
 he told the image. At WM-times the receding hairline have been addressed, but Benedict had already previously employed with the thought:
 "I was anyway going to let make Of course, the hairline is clearly visible in the rain and I was then clear: Okay. , I'll do it right after the return. " 
By Jürgen Klopp, which has a similar transplant can make but that he had not been inspired.