Aug 13, 2014

Maria Kulikova and Denis Sailors were on the verge of divorce

One of the most striking and beautiful actor couple is on the verge of bursting. April 15, 2014 year actress Maria Kulikova filed an application in the Moscow Khoroshevskiy District Court for dissolution of marriage with her husband Denis Matrosovym.

Maria Kulikova and Denis Sailors were on the verge of divorce

For 14 years, Mariya KULIKOVA and Denis Matrosov seemed like the ideal couple. Almost three years ago, became the parents of the long-awaited son Wani. According to friends of the couple, the news of the couple's desire to divorce the actor shocked, he tried to communicate with the favorite, but the wife did not consent to the straight talk. So Denis regularly came to all the meetings of the Court, trying to find out why can fall apart their family. Although Sailors never shared his experiences with friends, they noticed a change in the actor: he was somehow lost, and in the eyes of a settled sadness.

July 28 meeting of the magistrate, where told that Matrosov Mariya KULIKOVA visor for divorce and the case is closed.

In the magazine "7 days" is an interview of Dennis, which he repeatedly adjusted, long ranged, but decided not to publish. Apparently, in their relationship with Mary is still not the final point, but an ellipsis of ...