Aug 13, 2014

Wow! Lily-rose Depp is already a real Lady

Johnny Depp daughter Lily-rose Depp is obviously no longer is the small, cute offspring of the past, it has now grown to a proper Lady!

Lily-rose Depp is already a real Lady

Since the pretty blonde takes not even adult, properly a particularly elaborate styling to already to look. Long legs with casual shorts wearing a simple, tight top, to - so the paparazzi caught the 15 years in their favorite pastime: shopping. Clearly, does what a young woman at this age also prefer? The other day she accompanied still Daddy's dearest amber heard While strolling through the boutiques.

Stylish way, even as a younger girl was Lily-rose. There, she wore already likes short shorts and simple, casual tops. But because the adjective fit but still rather "cute" to her as "elegant" and "womanly".

Lily-rose Depp

Lily-rose Depp is already a real Lady